• Have You Heard About Seattle University’s Women in Technology Group?

    More women than ever are entering technology fields, including computer science and software engineering. Students in Seattle University’s graduate programs in these fields may be interested in joining our Women in Technology (WIT) group. WIT gives aspiring women software engineers and computer scientists a safe place to discuss their unique needs and to form professional bonds.

    The WIT group meets once a week and engages in conferences and other events whenever they are available. Through the group, women have the opportunity to build connections with other women in technology fields and connect with potential mentors in the community. The group also takes part in volunteer activities and helps women in graduate programs support each other’s paths to the computer science and software engineering fields.

    The WIT group is just one of the many support systems available for students in Seattle University College of Science and Engineering graduate programs. We’re here to answer your questions about admission to our computer science and software engineering graduate degrees in Seattle. Call (888) 457-5227 for more information.