• How to Approach Your Boss About Tuition Reimbursement

    If you want to further your education to move forward in your career, but cash is an issue, tapping into tuition reimbursement at your job could be the answer. Some companies offer formal tuition reimbursement programs, but even if yours does not, it doesn’t mean that having your boss pay for your graduate degree is out of the question. In fact, you may be surprised at how willing your company is to help you succeed, if your graduate program will ultimately help you help them. Use this advice to start the conversation with your boss.

    Gather Your Facts

    It’s helpful to start a conversation with your boss about tuition reimbursement by being armed with the facts. First, look at corporate tax deductions for companies that pay for employees’ education to determine if your employer qualifies. Give your boss an idea of what your schedule would be and demonstrate how you can fit your course load around your work responsibilities, so he or she feels comfortable that your efforts at your job won’t falter. Have all of the details about the graduate program you want to enter, and create a suggested plan for how you’ll keep your employer updated about your progress.

    Be Ready for Questions

    Anticipate the questions your boss might ask, and be ready to give answers. For instance, your boss will likely want to understand the short-term and long-term benefits to the business of paying for degree. To answer, show how your further education can help the company attract new clients, streamline your existing process, and increase profits. Committing to sharing your knowledge with other employees can be helpful as well.

    Have Questions of Your Own

    It’s important for you to understand exactly how your boss plans to reimburse you. Find out if the company will pay your graduate program directly or write you a check, if you will be required to maintain a specific GPA, and if you must commit to remaining at the company for a set period of time after your program.

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