• Successful Group Study Tips at Our Campus Library

    Our group study rooms are one of the resources we offer our students at the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering. These rooms are open during library hours to all students and faculty, as well as members of the community who have formed study groups. You can book a study room online in advance. If you want to make the most of your study time, be sure to come fully prepared, with all your materials in hand. Your time is limited, so you may want to draw up a list of the study areas you want to make sure to cover. Remember that these rooms are designed to be conducive to group study—if you think that studying alone would be more productive, you can use one of the library cubicles. If you need to watch a video, make sure that you use one of the appropriate rooms. Finally, leave yourself enough time at the end of your allotted study period to clean up after yourself and clear the whiteboard.

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