• Developing Strong Study Skills

    Whether you’re pursuing a graduate degree to enable a career change or to continue your studies, developing ways to absorb and retain material while balancing your other obligations is essential. Use the following tips to develop stronger study skills for this level of education:

    Determine your personal learning style.

    As you worked toward your undergraduate degree, you probably spent more than one late night cramming for the following day’s exam. The studies that you’ve completed up to this point probably emphasized fact retention. However, in grad school, you will find that studying relies heavily on understanding the material, rather than memorizing it. To help prepare yourself for this type of education, identify your personal learning style. Whether you are an auditory, visual, or kinetic learner, factoring your learning style into your studying can improve your comprehension abilities.

    Organize your time and materials.

    One of the biggest challenges that graduate students often face is a lack of time. Because you may already be working, learning how to budget your time for school and studying is crucial. To give yourself a head start in this area, get more organized. Organization and time management go hand-in-hand, so consider making a filing system to hold your coursework, using a day planner or online calendar for scheduling, and eliminating unnecessary activities in your day-to-day life that are draining your time.

    Learn to read for comprehension.

    Once you begin your graduate program, you are likely to be faced with far more reading material than you were as an undergraduate. For this reason, developing skills that allow you to pull essential information from your reading assignments quickly and accurately can be crucial. To help improve your study skills, learn how to identify important information, skim actively, take notes, and summarize what you have read.

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