• Tips for Beating Study Burnout

    Pursuing a graduate degree is deeply rewarding, but it is also demanding. Every student experiences study burnout from time to time as part of his or her academic career . Overcome your burnout and reengage with your program with these tips:

    Find Your Outlet

    The demands of your graduate program, along with any outside work you do, can seem to fill up all of your time. It is important to have outlets to let you escape these responsibilities and do the things you enjoy. Having a weekly meet-up with friends or scheduling family time can be good ways to escape from your work a little bit and come back to it more refreshed. Don’t forget to include alone time to indulge your own hobbies and interests into your schedule.

    Prioritize Your Health

    When you’re exhausted and unhealthy, staying focused is harder than ever. Make it a priority to get an adequate amount of sleep. Pack your own lunch instead of getting takeout every day, and carve out some time for weekly meal prep so that you have healthy dinners that are easy to make. Get some physical activity every day to stay energized. Feeling healthy makes it easier to concentrate on your work and can make you more productive, since you won’t be slowed down by feelings of exhaustion.

    Rely on Your Fellow Students

    In graduate programs, your fellow students can be your biggest allies. You’re all going through the same experience, and every single one of you will deal with burnout at some point. Speak up and share your struggles with your peer group, and encourage them to do the same. When you all offer support to each other, it’s easier to get through the tough times when you feel burned out.

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