• Career Spotlight: Software Developer

    If you choose a graduate degree in computer science or software engineering , one career that might appeal to you is that of a software developer. Software developing allows you to use your technical knowledge in creative ways to build software-based solutions for businesses and consumers. Is this the right career field for you? Here is what you need to know.

    What do software developers do?

    A software developer’s typical day depends on what kind of developer they are. Systems software developers focus on creating software that makes devices run. Applications developers help to create software programs, from spreadsheets to games. Although their focuses might be different, both kinds of software developers write and test code, troubleshoot issues in existing software programs, write technical documentation for programs, and analyze the needs of users. Software developers may work for technology companies to help them create products, within corporations to develop software specific to that company’s needs, or at a company that creates software for mass consumption.

    What is the path to becoming a software developer?

    Many software developers major in computer science or another technical field as undergrads and then pursue graduate degrees in computer science or software engineering. If you wish to go into software development in a specific industry, then having knowledge about how that industry works is also important.

    What soft skills should software developers have?

    In addition to technical knowledge, software developers benefit from being detail-oriented and creative. You will also need good interpersonal skills, so you can collaborate effectively as part of a team, and good communication skills, so you can instruct people on how to operate your software.

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