• Easy Steps for Learning a New Programming Language

    Admission to a graduate program at Seattle University College of Science and Engineering requires a working knowledge of at least one programming language, but if you’re worried that your fluency is not up to the appropriate level, mastering the knowledge can be easier than you think. Prepare for success in your graduate degree program with these steps for learning a programming language.

    Don’t Cram

    Although it may be tempting to try to have long study sessions, you will experience diminishing returns. The best way to really learn a programming language is to have multiple, short study sessions. You will retain the information more easily and really be ready to build on it. If you must have a long study session, be sure to take multiple breaks to clear your mind.

    Focus on Reviewing

    Once you understand a particular subject, don’t cross it off your list and keep moving. Spend a good deal of your study time on reviewing. No matter who clearly you understand a particular part of the programming language you are learning, you will simply forget some of that knowledge if you only study it once. To truly master the language, you will need extensive reviewing time to commit it to memory. As part of your reviewing process, try actively practicing the concepts. Instead of simply passively reading something over and over, try applying the concept by actually using the language. This will help you learn and deepen your understanding of the topic.

    Try Teaching

    One way to determine how well you understand a topic is try teaching it to others. You don’t have to force your friends to listen to your lessons. Lead a pretend session at home and see if you are able to teach what you’ve learned confidently. If you can’t, then you need more practice with that topic.

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  • Exploring Some of Today’s Most In-Demand Programming Languages

    The fields of computer science and software engineering are growing and evolving rapidly. If you’re considering pursuing a graduate degree in one of these areas and wonder what skills will benefit you in your studies, then read on for a quick introduction to some of today’s most in-demand programming languages.


    SQL is a widely-used, database query language that comes in many variations and is utilized in the management of and communication with databases. SQL is used primarily to manage data and is a popular language for big data mining and data analysis.


    Python is a high-level programming language featuring built-in data structures and a syntax that is easy to learn and understand. This programming language is object-oriented and promotes increased productivity and easy maintenance, and it is used by many software engineers and back-end developers. Python is a popular choice for scientific computing, web development, and film and animation.


    Java is a widely-implemented, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that can be used to build a variety of programs, such as small web page applications, computer applications, games, and Android apps. Java is a simple programming language that is easy to read and used by many Fortune 500 companies for back-end development. Knowledge of this robust and popular programming language can benefit many future programmers.


    Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is a dynamic, client-side, scripting language that is easy to learn and compatible across browsers. JavaScript is present in the majority of web pages and typically runs within a browser instead of a server. This programming language is frequently used in game development and front-end web development, and it allows the programmer to make web page elements more dynamic.

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