• Get to Know Our MSE Project Requirements and Guidelines

    The MSE offered by the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering was developed with the goal of making it easier for working professionals to acquire their graduate degrees. Our classes are offered in the evenings, and the program focuses on problem solving and teamwork. Read on to learn about the project requirements for our Master of Software Engineering program.

    Team Meetings

    Each team is advised to meet a minimum of once per week to review their work, plan for the upcoming week, and assess the project’s status. A brief write-up containing a list of the members present, a description of work accomplished, a list of action items, and a preview for the coming week should be prepared for each meeting and sent to the team members.

    Progress Reports

    Once per month, each team must provide the faculty advisor with a project status report form, the timely submission of which is essential for grading.


    Throughout the project, the teams are expected to follow the best software engineering practices by documenting the project planning, architecture and design, management, requirements, and implementation. Also, each team must give a review board presentation at the end of the fall and winter quarter that covers the team’s progress, their status assessment, and an updated plan of completion.

    Final Presentations

    In June, each project team must prepare a final presentation that includes a demonstration of the software, along with a description of the project work.

    Research Component or Experience Report

    With the help of their faculty advisor, each team is required to identify a research component that is relative to the project or to produce an experience report describing the team’s experience while developing the software.

    If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, then check out the Master of Software Engineering program at the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering. We have long been a leader in software engineering education and pioneered our MSE program in 1979. To learn more about our graduate programs in Seattle, call us today at (888) 457-5227.

  • A Look at Our MSE Project Guidelines

    At Seattle University, all students pursuing a Master of software engineering (MSE) degree must complete a capstone project. The project gives graduate students an opportunity for practical work experience that demonstrates their mastery of the MSE coursework. A final presentation in front of fellow graduate students, university faculty, and members of the community is required.

    During the MSE project, student teams will develop quality software using a disciplined software development process that applies the course materials of the MSE program. Project sponsors will propose the software to be developed, and alongside a faculty advisor, students will identify an added orthogonal dimension. Project assignments are made during the summer, and meeting rooms for teams are made available in September. In addition to regular meetings with the project sponsor and faculty advisor, teams are advised to meet once per week throughout the project.

    The MSE project gives software engineering graduate students in Seattle University’s College of Computer Science and Software Engineering industry experience to help them launch their new careers. Talk to an advisor about our graduate degrees in Seattle today by calling Seattle University at (888) 457-5227.