• Spotlight on Master of Science in Computer Science

    Seattle University’s Master of Science in Computer Science graduate program is designed to provide computing professionals with advanced studies in computer science. Full-time students can complete the degree in five quarters, and the program also accommodates part-time students, who can finish the degree in three years.

    The program’s curriculum is based on practical applications and theoretical foundations, and students will complete a project that implements a software system or conducts research in the field of computer science. In addition to advanced courses in the core areas of computer science, students will choose from a set of elective courses that enable a broad understanding of software engineering and computer science.

    Are you looking for a career change? Contact the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering at (888) 457-5227 to learn how our graduate degrees can start you on a new professional path. Our graduate program faculty boasts strong academic credentials and maintains connections with the Seattle area’s computing industry.

  • Internship Requirements for the MSE and MSCS Degree Programs

    At Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, we firmly believe in the value of providing our students with real-world experience. Students in our graduate program should be aware of the internship requirements for the MSE and MSCE graduate degree programs. All students participating in internships must maintain their full-time status in their graduate programs unless their internship is performed during a vacation quarter.

    A college student who is pursuing a one-credit internship must demonstrate no less than 100 hours and no more than 150 hours of work. A two-credit internship must involve no less than 150 hours and no more than 200 hours. Students undergoing a three-credit internship can expect to put in at least 200 hours of work, but no more than 480 hours. The maximum is reduced to 200 hours if the internship is performed during a regular term.

    Students in our graduate programs in Seattle can contact their advisors if they have any questions about the internship program. The Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering is available at (888) 457-5227.