• Job Opportunities for the Master of Science in Computer Science

    If you already have a bachelor degree in computer science or a related field, but your career isn’t progressing the way you’d hoped, it might be time to consider pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science degree. Earning your graduate degree will open new doors to further your career path. There is an incredible diversity of jobs that you could do with a master’s degree.

    Systems Integration Engineer

    Systems integration engineers shoulder a great deal of responsibility. They design, implement, and integrate systems solutions. These professionals can land jobs in a variety of industries. Systems integration engineers may gather and analyze data, develop work plans and estimates, research and recommend systems and technologies, create technical instructions, and provide post-installation support to their clients.

    Animation Programmer

    Graduates who have a background in graphics may be drawn to this exciting job. Animation programmers may work on animations or video games. Computer animators bring virtual worlds to life on the screen by working with virtual models. Since computer animation is a highly specialized field, graduates can expect comfortable salaries that reflect this.

    Healthcare IT

    Not everyone who works in healthcare is a doctor or nurse; many of them are computer science graduates. In recent years, the focus in healthcare has been on integrating technological solutions for electronic health records , patient portals, and other applications. This field is experiencing a period of incredible growth that recent graduates in computer science can take advantage of.

    Mobile Application Development

    Apps are another popular specialty for computer science graduates. Mobile application development is in high demand as people increasingly use portable electronic devices to access information while on the go.

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