• Top IT Trends to Look for in 2017

    As anyone pursuing a graduate degree in an IT field knows, the industry changes quickly. Keeping up with trends is part of your job description when you work in computer science or software engineering. Where is IT heading in 2017? Here is a look at some of the top trends:


    Automation certainly isn’t a new trend, but big changes are expected over the next few years for this IT feature. This means that IT professionals will need to move away from scripting and move toward defined task workloads and to automation based on data fed via operations. A good way to take steps toward the future of automation is to focus on automating script recovery and building more structured scripts.

    Big Data Analysis

    There is a large demand for big data analysis because of its problem-solving abilities. Consider a police department looking for more efficient ways to patrol a city. Using big data analysis, they can identify concentrated areas of crime in the city based on both real-time and historical figures and adjust their patrolling to focus on those hot spots. Data can even help them spot patterns of certain types of crimes in certain areas. The demand for this kind of big data management and analysis is huge, but there is a lack of people trained to analyze data of this magnitude in the field. This represents an opening for people in graduate programs who are about to enter the career field.

    Open Development

    Even though only a fraction of enterprise applications can be scaled horizontally, open development is increasingly in demand. For people working in IT departments, this means looking toward the future and preparing to adopt open-standard hardware and software when current contracts expire.

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