• Smart Strategies for Making Your Internship Work for You

    Obtaining work experience in your field of interest is one of the best strategies for advancing your career and landing your dream job. Because of this, the internship you complete as part of your graduate program can play a critical role in your future success. To make your internship work for you, consider the following strategies:

    Research Internship Opportunities

    There can be significant differences between levels of support, supervision, and responsibilities in different internship placements within the same field or even a single company. For this reason, finding the right internship for you is an important first step in getting the most benefit from the experience. To do this, conduct online research, reach out to professionals in the field, and speak with your professors and academic advisor to learn where previous students have enjoyed productive internships and gone on to fill positions that you’re interested in.

    Understand Your Responsibilities

    After putting in the effort to find and get the right internship for you and your career goals, it’s important to receive the greatest possible benefit from your time in this position. One effective strategy for making your internship work for you is to prepare and plan. By learning what specific tasks will be expected of you and preparing for these in advance, you can help avoid being overwhelmed at the start of your internship and get greater benefits from the experience.

    Create Strategic Objectives

    Throughout your internship, you can benefit from taking a proactive role by setting goals for yourself and periodically checking in to make sure that you’re on track. Also, now is the time to step out of your comfort zone by asking your questions and making new contacts. Remember that the relationships you build during your internship can benefit you in the future, even if you end up employed at a different organization.

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  • Do I Really Need an Internship?

    In graduate programs, many students approach the idea of internships with a combination of dread, nervousness, and even resentment. They often wonder why they need to complete an internship when they are engaged in such in-depth study, especially if they have already worked in the field. However, internships are integral, valuable parts of graduate programs, and after completing them, students frequently view their internships as one of the most important parts of their educations. If you are dreading the idea of doing an internship, consider the following benefits.

    Get Hands-On Experience

    No matter how much time you spend in the classroom, hands-on experience is a necessary component of becoming proficient in a topic or task. Internships fill in that gap in graduate programs. You will get a chance to see the real world applications of the topics you are studying and become more proficient at applying them. Internships close the circle between the classroom and the workplace so that you’re ready to jump into your new career when you graduate.

    Build Soft Skills

    In the classroom, you may learn how to lead a software design project or manage systems, but you can’t learn the social norms of the industry, how to interact with company leadership, and the impact of office culture on working life. For this kind of knowledge, you have to have an internship. Internships lift the veil on life in your chosen industry, so you can see things like how most people in your field dress for work or how strictly hierarchy is followed in the office. These soft skills are important complements to the knowledge you’re building in the classroom and can give you a competitive edge when you try to get a job.

    Make New Contacts

    A contact you make during your internship could be the difference between getting a job and being passed over for another candidate. Even if you have already worked in the field, internships are opportunities to make new connections. The people you meet during an internship could become the most important people in your new career.

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  • Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Internship

    When you begin your internship as part of your graduate program, you may have questions about how to gain the most benefit from the experience. Watch this video for tips on getting the most out of your graduate degree internship.

    Start by learning more about the company that you’ll be working for by reading about its goals, current work, and history. Next, determine what knowledge and experience you would like to acquire from your internship. Also, be sure that your supervisor is aware of any academic requirements that you must meet.

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  • How to Make a Great Impression at Your Internship

    During an internship, it can be easy to blend in with the crowd unless you make an effort to stand out. Are you preparing to begin an internship as part of your graduate program ? If so, then read on for tips on making a great impression during this important period.

    Show Up Prepared

    To get your internship off to an excellent start, approach it in the way you would one of your classes and arrive prepared on your first day. To do this, reach out to your boss and ask if there are any steps that you should take to get ready for day one. Also, learn if there are any skills you should be building on to ensure your success in your position.

    Know Your Boss

    Everyone has a work style all their own. During your internship, you can help yourself make a great impression by familiarizing yourself with the way in which your boss approaches each task and understanding his workflow. Doing this will allow you to anticipate his needs and to mark yourself as a valuable asset to the company.

    Understand Your Internship

    Every internship has a description that you should continuously check in with to be sure that you are on track to be where you to want to at its completion. While you may find yourself taking on tasks that aren’t propelling you forward now and then, it’s important for you to reach out to your boss if you find yourself feeling stuck. During your internship, remember to communicate what you want and to be your own advocate to ensure that the program’s description is followed.

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  • Tips for Acing Your Internship

    As a college student or student in a graduate program, you may participate in several internships throughout your academic career. It’s important to make a good impression as an intern. After all, the company that you intern for can write you a glowing recommendation that might kick start your career.

    Watch this video for some tips on acing your internship. First, make being on time a priority. This shows respect for others’ time. Second, try to find things to do without being told. Others will notice your initiative and may give you more significant responsibilities as a result. Finally, always do some research before you ask questions.

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