• How Students Benefit from Graduate Projects

    If you’re enrolled in a graduate program at a Seattle college or university, you may need to complete a graduate project in order to earn your graduate degree. Graduate projects are extremely beneficial to college students for a number of reasons. If you’re pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science, or a Master of Software Engineering, you’ll need to participate in the capstone project sequence.

    College students will receive valuable guidance from a faculty advisor, affording you the opportunity for an up-close look at how to succeed once you earn your graduate degree. You’ll also benefit from working closely with your fellow college students to achieve a common goal. This gives you the chance to build leadership skills, and cooperate with others in a team environment. Both graduate programs provide hands on experience in programming, designing, building, and research.

    If you want to enter a graduate program in computer science or software engineering, consider attending Seattle University . Our unique, flexible graduate programs allow students to attend full time or part time to earn their graduate degree. For more information about our academic programs, call us today at (206) 296-5510.