• Balancing Life and School While Pursuing Your Graduate Degree

    Completing a computer science or software engineering master’s program can be an excellent way to further your career or transition into a new industry. However, keeping up with your courses, work, and personal life may sometimes be a challenge. If you’re getting ready to begin your graduate program , then read on for tips on finding balance while earning your degree.

    Learn How to Decline

    Many people are taught that it’s polite to help others when asked and to accept any invitations that are offered. However, while earning your graduate degree, being prepared to decline some requests and invites may help you maintain balance in your life. For this reason, if you’re asked to go out with friends or cover a coworker’s shift, you can benefit from saying “no” if your schedule is already full. While this may feel uncomfortable, many people will understand and be supportive once you inform them that you’re pursuing your graduate degree.

    Talk to Your Boss

    Letting your employer know that you are earning a graduate degree can offer you several benefits, for example, by informing the company that you have an interest in growing your career. However, taking this step may also result in some leniency as far as work demands go. You can also consider speaking with your employer about doing some of your work from home, if possible, which will provide you with more flexibility in your schedule.

    Make Time for Relaxation

    Scheduling your weeks so that you have time to relax and be with your friends, kids, or significant other can be crucial for promoting your emotional wellness while you’re in graduate school. For this reason, you should consider setting aside 1 or 2 times per week that are reserved for personal matters and off limits for any work or school tasks.

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  • Is the Lack of a Graduate Degree Holding Your Career Back?

    When you’re trying to get ahead at work, you may find that your performance is not enough to help you get to the next level. Often, employers want to see the right mix of experience and education when they are considering candidates for higher-level positions. Could your lack of a graduate degree be standing between you and the career you want? Here are some signs that you could benefit from completing a graduate program.

    You keep losing out on promotions.

    Have you noticed a pattern of your colleagues moving on to new positions as they arise, while you stay stuck in the same job? The reason you’re not making progress could be because you haven’t completed a graduate program while your coworkers have. Even if your work performance is impeccable and you’re a valued team member, in a competitive workplace, a graduate degree could be the thing that gives a coworker the edge over you for a coveted promotion.

    You can’t get an interview.

    If you work in an industry in which graduate education is common, such as computer science or software engineering, then even getting an interview with a prospective employer could prove difficult without one. When you’re looking for new employment but not getting any calls back, even though your experience is a fit for the positions for which you’re applying, not having a graduate-level education could be causing you to fall behind other candidates.

    You have gaps in your knowledge.

    In the workplace, if you sometimes feel like you don’t have the same level of knowledge as some of your coworkers, your educational background could be to blame. Entering a graduate program gives you an opportunity to delve more deeply into your field, so you can bring that knowledge back to your career.

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  • Signs That a Graduate Degree in Software Engineering Is Right for You

    Software engineering is one of the fastest-growing careers in the country. It is also a high-paying job that promises to reward the time and investment it requires to break into the field. A graduate degree is an essential prerequisite to obtaining a job in the software engineering industry. If you’re contemplating entering this field, however, you may be wondering if the job is suited for you. Here are some signs that you would be well-served by getting a graduate degree in software engineering:

    Do you enjoy problem solving? Software engineers face a series of different challenges with every new project, and they are continually faced with new puzzles to solve. If you enjoy these sorts of challenges and find it fun and rewarding to come up with solutions, then software engineering may be a rewarding career for you.

    Do you like to collaborate? Many people think of software engineers—and anybody who works with computers—as brilliant loners who tackle each new project on their own. In reality, developing software is a collaborative process that requires working well with numerous other people, from your colleagues to your customers.

    Are you a self-motivated person? Despite the teamwork that software development entails, it is also a demanding job that is best suited to people with strong work ethics. If you are a self-motivated individual who is also diligent and detail-oriented, the complex and fast-paced world of software development may be a good fit for you.

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  • Is a Graduate Degree Right for You?

    Attending a graduate program can offer several valuable benefits, but it’s important to determine whether earning a graduate degree is important or beneficial for you. Graduate degrees can increase the wealth of career opportunities available to you, especially if you are interested in pursuing positions that involve skill specialization, leadership opportunities, and managerial duties. While you earn your graduate certificate, you’ll also be given the chance to develop and complete projects on your own, providing the experience necessary to demonstrate your ability to work more independently in your chosen field. However, graduate programs can be highly competitive and earning your degree will be time-consuming. If you are concerned about your motivation, the time commitments, or the added cost of a higher education, it is worth considering alternative options as well.

    Seattle University College of Science and Engineering’s graduate programs in Seattle include advanced degrees in computer science and software engineering. We invite you to explore everything our college has to offer by visiting our Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering on the web, or by calling (888) 457-5227 for additional information on our software engineering and computer science masters programs.

  • Choosing a Career Path with a Graduate Degree in Computer Science

    There has never been a better time to pursue a Master of Science in Computer Science through a Seattle graduate degree program. An exciting and innovative graduate program gives you the educational background and essential skills you need to succeed in the industry. Today, masters programs are key to getting the job you want. Keep reading to learn more about how a graduate degree in computer science can help you choose from available career paths, including software engineering, systems engineering, and animation programming.

    Software Engineer

    When you graduate with a Master of Science in Computer Science, you can look forward to a lucrative and fulfilling career as a software engineer. A graduate degree in computer science is a great start to getting a career in designing software. As a software engineer, you can write algorithms, code, and help test and maintain the finished software. With your graduate certificate, you will be able to move into a more prestigious company and earn a bigger paycheck than a college graduate.

    Systems Engineer

    Pursuing a career as a systems engineer is another way you can use your computer science degree. Systems engineers work with software and hardware programs, making recommendations and purchases, writing code, and configuring products. A systems engineer may create business solutions for corporate clients or for the government.

    Animation Programmer

    If you earn a graduate degree in computer science and also have experience working with graphics, you can take a job as an animation programmer or animation engineer. These positions often involve game design or work on animated films. For example, an animation programmer might create an application to allow artists’ animations to appear in Disney films.

    Are you considering A Master of Science in Computer Science ? To learn more about how the graduate program at Seattle University College of Science and Engineering can help you make the career change you need, contact us by calling (888) 457-5227 today. We have a wide range of graduate degrees to choose from depending on your educational needs and career goals.

  • The Benefits of Earning Your Graduate Degree in Computer Science

    The field of computer science and software engineering is constantly growing and evolving. There are a wide variety of jobs available across the country to those who have a graduate degree from an accredited college. If you’re considering enrolling in a graduate program at a college near you, continue reading to learn about the benefits of a graduate degree in computer science.

    Variety of Job Possibilities

    With a Master of Science in Computer Science , you have a wide range of job possibilities available to you. Whether you want to stay in your current city, or move across the country, there will be plenty of lucrative jobs available. You can start a career as a software developer, work in development, testing, or support positions in the software industry, work as a software development or IT securities consultant or analyst, or even work in software architecture or design.

    Earn Higher Pay With a Graduate Degree

    Most fields pay more to employees who have advanced education. When you’re competing against others for jobs, a graduate degree will make you a much more attractive candidate. Completing a graduate program can help you negotiate higher pay when accepting a job offer, as you have far more experience and education than an applicant without a graduate degree.

    Facilitate a Career Change

    If you’re stuck in a rut in your current career, enrolling in a graduate program in computer science can help facilitate a career change. You can use your graduate degree to advance into higher positions at your current job, or you can embark on a new career entirely. A graduate degree can significantly expand your career opportunities.

    You can earn a graduate degree in computer science and software engineering at Seattle University in just two to three years. A graduate degree can increase your earning potential, and help you embark on an exciting career change. For more information about the admissions requirements of the Seattle University Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering , call us today at (206) 296-5510.