• Time Management Tips for Grad Students

    Entering a graduate program is exciting, but it can also be a little overwhelming. The new demands on your time mean that you need to rethink your schedule to ensure that you can concentrate on your coursework. Because many graduate students also have jobs and other outside responsibilities, time management is a critical part of success. Here are some tips for tackling your schedule and managing your commitments.

    Use a Calendar

    You can’t stay on top of your schedule if you don’t have a plan. Use a calendar system to keep track of all of your obligations, so that you never miss a study group meeting or appointment with your professor. Use whatever system works best for you, from your smartphone scheduler to a paper pocket calendar. The format isn’t as important as actually using the calendar. Don’t forget to put long-term due dates in your calendar as well, such as financial aid deadlines.

    Make a Daily To-Do List

    Creating a daily to-do list will help you stay on task and will reduce some of the stress you feel about all of the demands you’re facing. By crossing items off your list, you’ll get the satisfaction of seeing the progress you’re making. Be sure to include time in your day for unexpected things that may need your attention.

    Prioritize Your Tasks

    You may have a lot of things you need to get done each day, but not every task has the same amount of urgency. Do the things that are most pressing first, and leave the tasks that can wait until later in the day. Doing things lets you get over the stress of your most important tasks and gives you the flexibility to shift less essential work to another day, if necessary.

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  • How Grad Students Can Make the Most of the Holiday Break

    Holiday break is a welcome reprieve for many grad students, but those weeks go by quickly, so it’s important to make the most of them. Whether you need a breather from your graduate program and a chance to regroup or want to get some work experience to complement your academics, here are some ideas for making the most of your break.

    If your semester has been demanding, take the break to remind yourself why you chose to get your graduate degree in computer science and software engineering in the first place. Indulge you hobbies within the field or spend some time research post-graduate work opportunities to inspire your students. Alternatively, get some work experience by looking for short-term internships or opportunities to assist in real-world projects when you have the chance to be out of the classroom.

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  • Grad Students: Find the Perfect Internship

    As you settle into your graduate program , it’s important to begin thinking about your internship options. Selecting a position that is in line with your career goals can make a vast difference in how much you benefit from your time there, so finding the perfect internship is crucial. Here, you’ll find a few tips for selecting an internship suited to your needs.

    Follows your interests.

    If you’re still deciding on what you would like to do with your degree, then try to choose an internship that will introduce you to more than one element of the industry. Internships provide you with the perfect opportunity to learn what interests you and fits well with your personal skillset. If you already know what you plan to do with your degree, then finding an internship that matches your interests is less tricky. Ideally, choose a position that puts you next to professionals in the career that you want.

    Demonstrate your passion.

    The internship that you choose can say a lot to potential employers. This is because when hiring full-time employees, employers often worry about an applicant’s dedication to that particular field. To help you get a head start in the job-finding process, be sure to choose an internship that is closely aligned with what you see yourself doing after graduation.

    Fortify your skills.

    Along the same lines as proving your interest in a field, the internship that you pursue will prove essential in building your resume. As you consider your options, keep in mind that while a particular position may sound interesting to you, it may not be ideal for developing the skills that you need for the career that you want. Before committing to an internship, be certain that it will teach you the abilities that you will need to land the position that you want in the future.

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