• A Look at the Courses in the Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate Program

    If you are considering enrolling in a computer science master’s degree program but don’t have an undergraduate degree in the field, then our Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate could be right for you. To be eligible for admission, you must hold an undergraduate degree and be able to demonstrate course work or work experience in the computer science field. If you don’t have those credentials, there is an introductory sequence of courses you can take before enrolling. If you complete the certificate program and wish to enroll in a computer science graduate program at Seattle University, no GRE will be required.

    In the certificate program, students complete 6 courses that focus on the basics of computer science. The classes cover subjects that include object-oriented concepts, database systems and structures, computing system principles, and the fundamentals of software engineering. The coursework prepares students for advanced computer science study and can give them an edge in their current careers in the field.

    Could the Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate in Seattle be right for you? To learn more and find out how to apply, contact the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering at (888) 457-5227.