• A Look at Common Computer Science Careers

    Are you interested in advancing your career by earning a Master of Science in Computer Science? If so, then watch this video for an introduction to common careers for individuals who hold a graduate degree in computer science.

    With an education in computer science, some of the job titles that you might pursue include software developer, computer systems analyst, network systems administrator, database administrator, web developer, and security analyst. Software developers write code and develop software for a wide variety of applications, such as online shopping, antivirus programs, mobile apps, and computer graphics software.

    The Seattle University College of Science and Engineering offers a Master of Science in Computer Science graduate degree in Seattle that can prepare you to pursue careers like these. Please call (888) 457-5227 for more information.

  • Pursue Your Passion for Technology with a Computer Science Degree

    Are you wondering how you can turn your interest in technology into a career? If so, then watch this video to hear how Alan Yu, a 2017 computer science graduate from Seattle University, used his interest in tech to prepare for a rewarding career.

    Alan Yu was attracted to the Seattle University computer science curriculum because of its focus on the tech industry and its project-centered classes. After graduation, Alan will begin his career as a technical program manager at Microsoft.

    The Seattle University College of Science and Engineering in Seattle offers undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science that feature small class sizes and real-world industry experience. Please call (888) 457-5227 to find out more.

  • Can Your Computer Science Career Make a Positive Difference in Society?

    Pursuing a graduate degree in computer science doesn’t just pave the way for you to enter one of the most in-demand career fields in the world today. It also gives you the tools to create a positive impact on the people around you—locally, nationally, and globally. There are numerous ways you can use your Master of Computer Science degree to contribute to society. Here are just a few of the things you can do to use your education to make a difference:

    Make People Safer

    Security is on everyone’s mind, from people sitting at home with their families to international corporations and governmental institutions. Computer science holds the key to increasing safety for everyone. Whether you focus on building better data analytics abilities for people who are tracking threats or creating systems that protect individuals from identity theft and other digital violations, the work you do can directly improve security in your own community and beyond.

    Power Non-Profit Solutions

    Technology has made it easier to bring people together for any number of reasons, including fundraising and non-profit events. If you’ve ever used a fundraising platform, you’ve used the work of a computer scientist who has made it possible for people in need to get help. Computer science makes it easier than ever for non-profits to minimize their overheads while connecting with their donor base more efficiently.

    Increase Access to Education

    Thanks to computer science, education is no longer bound to the classroom. Online learning and collaboration is already possible, and your training can allow you to create even better solutions. By creating new platforms, you can make education possible for people in corners of the world who have never had access to it, with life-changing effects.

    With a Master of Computer Science from Seattle University College of Science and Engineering, you’ll have the power to build the career you want while creating a legacy of positive impacts on the world around you. Are you ready to start earning your graduate degree in Seattle? Get more information about our program by calling (888) 457-5227.

  • Should You Consider a Computer Science Career?

    A computer science degree can take you far and wide, allowing you to explore career options you might never have anticipated. Justin Hartman, co-founder of Boxcast, has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in computer information systems. In this video, Justin explains how you can decide whether or not a career in the world of computer science is right for you.

    You can begin your journey into the world of computer science by enrolling in the program at Seattle University College of Science and Engineering today. Call us at (888) 457-5227 for more information about our graduate programs in Seattle.