• Developing Your Career Plan

    Your graduate program can be thought of as a major stepping stone that brings you closer to the career that you desire. However, it’s important to realize that there are some steps that you should take while completing your education. Use the following tips to develop a career plan while pursuing your graduate degree :

    Start career planning early.

    You may believe that you know what you want to do after school and have a good idea of how to get there, but developing a solid career plan early on can be essential for ensuring your success and your ability to get into your field of choice from the start. Begin this process by educating yourself regarding the professional opportunities that are available to individuals with the degree that you are pursuing.

    Talk to your advisors.

    Your research supervisor and academic advisor can prove to be invaluable resources while achieving your degree and planning for your career. Many of these educational professionals hold on to information regarding where students in their programs end up after graduating. By speaking with your advisors, you can learn about what previous students of your program have ended up doing for a career and what they did to get there.

    Evaluate your progress.

    Once you have decided where you see yourself after completing your degree and what you need to do to accomplish your career goals, it’s important not to put your career plan on the shelf until after you graduate. At least once per year, stop to evaluate where you are in relation to your goals and if you are on track to completing them by graduation. If you’re not, stop and strategize what you need to do to get back on schedule. Revisiting your career plan several times during your schooling can help you achieve the career that you want.

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