• Software Engineers: Consider a Career in Biomedicine

    The potential career paths for software engineers are many and varied, and one area that you may have yet to consider is biomedicine. If you are a Master of Software Engineering student, then continue reading to learn about careers in biomedicine for software engineers.

    Develop Medical Device Software

    The biomedical software engineer career path is a potentially lucrative option within a specialty that is experience fast growth. Software engineers in biomedicine play a critical role in many aspects of biomedical science and engineering because, after all, much of today’s medical technology relies on software to function. A software engineer in biomedicine may work with biomedical researchers to create biological system modeling and data analysis algorithms, as well as design systems that can help medical professionals with tasks like clinical decision-making and patient monitoring.

    Improve Patient Care Technology

    The reach and importance of software engineering in biomedicine extend further still. Professionals in this field may develop virtual reality systems for teaching and diagnostics, as well as algorithms designed to help clinicians provide patient care. Additionally, software is critical for creating security systems that protect sensitive information in healthcare settings and diagnostics algorithms.

    Design Imaging System Software

    The complex imaging devices that clinicians rely on to diagnose and monitor patients, such as MRI and CT machines, rely partially on systems that software engineers develop to transform signals into images. It is also software that enables signal processing from devices like pacemakers, allowing doctors to obtain important information about their patients. When you consider the many applications for software engineering in biomedicine, it may come as no surprise that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 23% increase in employment for biomedical engineers between 2014 and 2024.

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