Easy Steps for Learning a New Programming Language

Admission to a graduate program at Seattle University College of Science and Engineering requires a working knowledge of at least one programming language, but if you’re worried that your fluency is not up to the appropriate level, mastering the knowledge can be easier than you think. Prepare for success in your graduate degree program with these steps for learning a programming language.

Don’t Cram

Although it may be tempting to try to have long study sessions, you will experience diminishing returns. The best way to really learn a programming language is to have multiple, short study sessions. You will retain the information more easily and really be ready to build on it. If you must have a long study session, be sure to take multiple breaks to clear your mind.

Focus on Reviewing

Once you understand a particular subject, don’t cross it off your list and keep moving. Spend a good deal of your study time on reviewing. No matter who clearly you understand a particular part of the programming language you are learning, you will simply forget some of that knowledge if you only study it once. To truly master the language, you will need extensive reviewing time to commit it to memory. As part of your reviewing process, try actively practicing the concepts. Instead of simply passively reading something over and over, try applying the concept by actually using the language. This will help you learn and deepen your understanding of the topic.

Try Teaching

One way to determine how well you understand a topic is try teaching it to others. You don’t have to force your friends to listen to your lessons. Lead a pretend session at home and see if you are able to teach what you’ve learned confidently. If you can’t, then you need more practice with that topic.

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