Letters of Intent: Quick Tips for Aspiring Computer Science Graduate Students

If you’re eyeing a Master of Science in Computer Science degree , getting through the admissions process is the first hurdle. When you apply to graduate school, a letter of intent plays a central role in the application evaluation process. Your letter of intent is your opportunity to speak directly to the admissions team and communicate what achieving this goal means to you and why you’re a good fit for the program. Before you pen your letter, keep these tips in mind.

Know Your Audience

Even if you’re applying to multiple graduate programs, your letter of intent should be as personalized as possible. Take the time to research the program you’re considering, and if possible, address the letter to the specific person who will be reading it. If you’re unable to locate the person who is the primary decision-maker for the admission team, then addressing your letter to the program director or admission committee as a whole is acceptable, but be sure to make specific references to the program in your letter, so that it doesn’t come across as a formulated statement you’re sending to all schools.

Tell Your Story

Although a letter of intent should highlight your accomplishments, telling a story is the most compelling way to get the information across. Explain why you’re applying to the graduate program, what experiences brought you to this point, and what future you want to use your education to build. Conveying your information in this way will hold your readers’ attention and give them a feel for who you are as a person.

Look for Errors

Your letter of intent should be free from errors, so proofread it carefully. It can be helpful to have someone else double-check it for you. Make sure your letter meets the requirements of the graduate program’s application instructions in terms of length and format.

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