Career Combinations: IT Jobs in the Healthcare Field

If you’re looking for a career that will be challenging, rewarding, and stable, you might find your attention turning to information technology —particularly in the field of healthcare. As you probably know, healthcare has been transformed by the age of computers, and in-depth IT knowledge is becoming an increasingly valuable skill within the industry. It’s a remarkably versatile field, and the possibilities open to graduates with the right knowledge base grow more exciting every year. These are just a few of your potential careers:

Biomedicine software engineer.

The biomedical industry needs trained software engineers for a wide variety of functions, from devising the algorithms that analyze lab data to designing the models that scientists use to understand complex systems. Software engineers in biomedicine are needed to monitor and diagnose patients, keep and analyze medical records, and help in the decision-making process.

Healthcare software developers.

Health informatics—the process of storing and accessing individual patients’ health data—has becoming increasingly complex, and the industry needs talented and innovative software developers to rise to meet the challenge. The tasks these developers will be needed for include writing smarter and faster programs for hospitals and other facilities, providing IT tools to analyze data, and developing software to run medical equipment.

Product development engineer.

There are numerous medical firms out there that are developing new products, from large companies to tiny startups. Those firms need dynamic and knowledgeable software engineers to develop the software that will be necessary to analyze and use those products. If you want to be involved in developing new treatments or technologies, there’s certainly a place for you.

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