• Stay on Top of Your Grad School Schedule

    When you’re in a graduate program, just keeping track of where you’re supposed to be when can be a challenge, especially if you are juggling work along with your course load. Fortunately, help is as close as your smartphone. Thanks to the Google app My Class Schedule , you’ll never miss a class meeting, study session, or advising appointment again.

    With this app, you can keep track of your class schedule, as well as due dates for assignments and upcoming exams. It can even mute your phone during your scheduled class meetings so that you never forget to turn it off again. You can even track your grades in the app so that you know exactly where you stand.

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  • How to Approach Your Boss About Tuition Reimbursement

    If you want to further your education to move forward in your career, but cash is an issue, tapping into tuition reimbursement at your job could be the answer. Some companies offer formal tuition reimbursement programs, but even if yours does not, it doesn’t mean that having your boss pay for your graduate degree is out of the question. In fact, you may be surprised at how willing your company is to help you succeed, if your graduate program will ultimately help you help them. Use this advice to start the conversation with your boss.

    Gather Your Facts

    It’s helpful to start a conversation with your boss about tuition reimbursement by being armed with the facts. First, look at corporate tax deductions for companies that pay for employees’ education to determine if your employer qualifies. Give your boss an idea of what your schedule would be and demonstrate how you can fit your course load around your work responsibilities, so he or she feels comfortable that your efforts at your job won’t falter. Have all of the details about the graduate program you want to enter, and create a suggested plan for how you’ll keep your employer updated about your progress.

    Be Ready for Questions

    Anticipate the questions your boss might ask, and be ready to give answers. For instance, your boss will likely want to understand the short-term and long-term benefits to the business of paying for degree. To answer, show how your further education can help the company attract new clients, streamline your existing process, and increase profits. Committing to sharing your knowledge with other employees can be helpful as well.

    Have Questions of Your Own

    It’s important for you to understand exactly how your boss plans to reimburse you. Find out if the company will pay your graduate program directly or write you a check, if you will be required to maintain a specific GPA, and if you must commit to remaining at the company for a set period of time after your program.

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  • Learn New Tech Skills By Joining Our Computer Science Club

    If you’re a fan of technology, computer science, and software engineering, or if you’re simply interested in learning more about these dynamic fields, then check out Seattle University’s Computer Science Club. In this group, students who love tech are given valuable opportunities to work with various types of technology. The Computer Science Club benefits from having strong support and a broad professional network, and its members get to work directly with technology, from the old to the emerging, as well as acquire and practice new tech industry skills. Please visit the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering website to learn more.

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  • Exploring Some of Today’s Most In-Demand Programming Languages

    The fields of computer science and software engineering are growing and evolving rapidly. If you’re considering pursuing a graduate degree in one of these areas and wonder what skills will benefit you in your studies, then read on for a quick introduction to some of today’s most in-demand programming languages.


    SQL is a widely-used, database query language that comes in many variations and is utilized in the management of and communication with databases. SQL is used primarily to manage data and is a popular language for big data mining and data analysis.


    Python is a high-level programming language featuring built-in data structures and a syntax that is easy to learn and understand. This programming language is object-oriented and promotes increased productivity and easy maintenance, and it is used by many software engineers and back-end developers. Python is a popular choice for scientific computing, web development, and film and animation.


    Java is a widely-implemented, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that can be used to build a variety of programs, such as small web page applications, computer applications, games, and Android apps. Java is a simple programming language that is easy to read and used by many Fortune 500 companies for back-end development. Knowledge of this robust and popular programming language can benefit many future programmers.


    Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is a dynamic, client-side, scripting language that is easy to learn and compatible across browsers. JavaScript is present in the majority of web pages and typically runs within a browser instead of a server. This programming language is frequently used in game development and front-end web development, and it allows the programmer to make web page elements more dynamic.

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