• What Is Software Architecture?

    Are you interested in transitioning into a software engineering career or advancing your education, but you don’t feel ready to commit to a graduate degree? If so, then you may benefit from earning a certificate in software architecture and design.

    Software architecture refers to the organization of a software system. A software architecture may encompass a software system’s components, how its components interact with one another, and the principles which outline its design. Different styles and patterns of software architecture provide the foundations for computing systems and can be used to improve and organize a software system.

    At the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering, we offer a graduate certificate in software architecture and design that can help you broaden your skillset and advance in your career. Please call (888) 457-5227 for details about the computer science and software engineering certificates and graduate programs that we offer at our university in Seattle.

  • Pursue Your Passion for Technology with a Computer Science Degree

    Are you wondering how you can turn your interest in technology into a career? If so, then watch this video to hear how Alan Yu, a 2017 computer science graduate from Seattle University, used his interest in tech to prepare for a rewarding career.

    Alan Yu was attracted to the Seattle University computer science curriculum because of its focus on the tech industry and its project-centered classes. After graduation, Alan will begin his career as a technical program manager at Microsoft.

    The Seattle University College of Science and Engineering in Seattle offers undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science that feature small class sizes and real-world industry experience. Please call (888) 457-5227 to find out more.

  • FAQs About Our Master of Software Engineering Program

    Seattle University’s software engineering master’s program is designed for working professionals who wish to grow their expertise and advance their career. If you are wondering if this program may be right for you, then keep reading to learn answers to frequently asked questions about our Master of Software Engineering degree program.

    When are classes available?

    All classes for the Master of Software Engineering degree are offered in the evenings so that working professionals can further their education while continuing their employment.

    What can I expect?

    This graduate program’s curriculum provides students with extensive coursework in a wide range of computer science and software engineering topics. Also, the degree’s learning objectives are designed to build upon the computing experience of those enrolled in the program, as well as offer a balanced study of managerial and technical areas.

    Do I need professional experience to apply?

    The Master of Software Engineering requires that applicants have a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the software industry.

    What are the degree requirements?

    This degree requires the completion of 47 graduate credits, and a maximum of 12 credits that are taken in non-matriculated status may be applied. All degree requirements must be met within 6 years after coursework begins, and our typical program schedules consist of a 2-year plan for full-time students and two 3-year plan options.

    How will this degree help my career?

    This degree is designed to prepare graduates to advance in their career and fill positions in management, leadership, architecture and design, and development. The goals of this program are to help students understand the lifecycle of software development, grow their leadership and teamwork skills, and obtain experience in every aspect of software engineering, such as design, testing, analysis, and project management.

    Would you like to discover more about the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering’s software engineering graduate program in Seattle ? If so, then you can reach us by calling (888) 457-5227.

  • Career Spotlight: Software Developer

    If you choose a graduate degree in computer science or software engineering , one career that might appeal to you is that of a software developer. Software developing allows you to use your technical knowledge in creative ways to build software-based solutions for businesses and consumers. Is this the right career field for you? Here is what you need to know.

    What do software developers do?

    A software developer’s typical day depends on what kind of developer they are. Systems software developers focus on creating software that makes devices run. Applications developers help to create software programs, from spreadsheets to games. Although their focuses might be different, both kinds of software developers write and test code, troubleshoot issues in existing software programs, write technical documentation for programs, and analyze the needs of users. Software developers may work for technology companies to help them create products, within corporations to develop software specific to that company’s needs, or at a company that creates software for mass consumption.

    What is the path to becoming a software developer?

    Many software developers major in computer science or another technical field as undergrads and then pursue graduate degrees in computer science or software engineering. If you wish to go into software development in a specific industry, then having knowledge about how that industry works is also important.

    What soft skills should software developers have?

    In addition to technical knowledge, software developers benefit from being detail-oriented and creative. You will also need good interpersonal skills, so you can collaborate effectively as part of a team, and good communication skills, so you can instruct people on how to operate your software.

    Seattle University College of Science and Engineering offers the graduate degrees aspiring software developers need to succeed in their chosen fields. Find out more about our graduate degrees in Seattle by calling (888) 457-5227.