Do I Really Need an Internship?

In graduate programs, many students approach the idea of internships with a combination of dread, nervousness, and even resentment. They often wonder why they need to complete an internship when they are engaged in such in-depth study, especially if they have already worked in the field. However, internships are integral, valuable parts of graduate programs, and after completing them, students frequently view their internships as one of the most important parts of their educations. If you are dreading the idea of doing an internship, consider the following benefits.

Get Hands-On Experience

No matter how much time you spend in the classroom, hands-on experience is a necessary component of becoming proficient in a topic or task. Internships fill in that gap in graduate programs. You will get a chance to see the real world applications of the topics you are studying and become more proficient at applying them. Internships close the circle between the classroom and the workplace so that you’re ready to jump into your new career when you graduate.

Build Soft Skills

In the classroom, you may learn how to lead a software design project or manage systems, but you can’t learn the social norms of the industry, how to interact with company leadership, and the impact of office culture on working life. For this kind of knowledge, you have to have an internship. Internships lift the veil on life in your chosen industry, so you can see things like how most people in your field dress for work or how strictly hierarchy is followed in the office. These soft skills are important complements to the knowledge you’re building in the classroom and can give you a competitive edge when you try to get a job.

Make New Contacts

A contact you make during your internship could be the difference between getting a job and being passed over for another candidate. Even if you have already worked in the field, internships are opportunities to make new connections. The people you meet during an internship could become the most important people in your new career.

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