• Signs That You’re Ready to Begin Graduate Education

    When considering applying to a graduate program to advance their career and education, it’s common for people to wonder if they are prepared to handle the academics and responsibilities involved. If this sounds like you, then continue reading to learn what signs mean you are ready to commence graduate education.

    You Know What You Want

    Have you done your research and determined what type of graduate program and degree you want? If so, then this is a good sign that you are ready for education at this level. Once in grad school, you will find that there is significant focus on specificity, and you will be expected to find your own area of specialization during your studies. Knowing what interests you and where you want your degree to take you can simplify the application process and help you succeed in your program.

    Your Family Is Supportive

    Before jumping into the grad school application process, think about your responsibility to others, whether they be your parents, spouse, or children. These factors are important considerations when determining if now is the time for you to begin your graduate education.

    You Are Financially Stable

    Do you have debt from your undergraduate studies looming over your head? If so, then you may not be ready to begin graduate education. If you will need a lot of financial assistance to make it through graduate school, then it’s important to think carefully before taking on the expenses involved.

    You Have a Good Reason

    It’s not uncommon for individuals to consider going to grad school when they feel uncertain about what path to take in their career, or they wish to postpone real life a bit longer after earning their undergraduate degree. If you have a concrete and practical reason to pursue a graduate degree, then you may be prepared to start grad school.

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  • Jobs Computer Science Grads Can Consider

    Are you considering enrolling in Seattle University’s Master of Science in Computer Science program? If so, then you can benefit from knowing more about possible career outcomes for this degree. Watch this video to learn about jobs for computer science graduates to consider.

    Starting out by doing contract work in software architecture and development can improve your resume and broaden your skill set, and job growth is significant in mobile application development, which can be a great place for recent grads to start out. Big data analytics, healthcare IT, and video game design are also areas of opportunity for computer science graduates.

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  • Exploring Your Career Options as a Software Engineer

    Are you thinking about pursuing a software engineering graduate degree at the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering? If so, then read on to learn about some of your potential career outcomes as a software engineer.

    Web Developer

    A web developer creates applications or software for web browsers using programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and PHP. These professionals spend most of their time working in an office where they might document and test software for websites, work with content producers, write code to generate web pages, and debug software for websites.

    Application Developer

    Playing a significant role in helping companies keep up with the latest web developments and technologies, application developers create, develop, maintain, and manage new software and programs. The applications that these professionals design can be used for tablets, computers, smartphones, and other devices.

    Information Security Analyst

    Responsible for providing security solutions, an information security analyst researches, collects data, and develops strategies that are secure and that will promote productivity. These professionals must follow strict privacy policies while implementing security principles. Some tasks that an information security analyst might perform include coordinating with end users and IT departments to protect assets, reviewing data to identify vulnerabilities, and configuring security tools and software.

    Systems Developer

    A systems developer programs and analyzes software and works on client support, maintenance, and testing of the software. These software engineers are often responsible for creating new systems, developing enhancements for existing systems, creating online reports and databases for data analytics and project measurement, and ensuring the efficiency of current systems.

    Embedded Software Developer

    An embedded software developer designs embedded software applications for their company or organization. These software engineers are often responsible for troubleshooting software, coding firmware, producing technical documentation, and providing support packages for embedded systems.

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