• How Grad Students Can Make the Most of the Holiday Break

    Holiday break is a welcome reprieve for many grad students, but those weeks go by quickly, so it’s important to make the most of them. Whether you need a breather from your graduate program and a chance to regroup or want to get some work experience to complement your academics, here are some ideas for making the most of your break.

    If your semester has been demanding, take the break to remind yourself why you chose to get your graduate degree in computer science and software engineering in the first place. Indulge you hobbies within the field or spend some time research post-graduate work opportunities to inspire your students. Alternatively, get some work experience by looking for short-term internships or opportunities to assist in real-world projects when you have the chance to be out of the classroom.

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  • A Look at Today’s In-Demand IT Jobs

    Information technology, or IT, jobs are plentiful and well-paid, thanks to an ever-increasing need for qualified IT staff from companies in a range of industries. By earning a graduate degree in computer science or software engineering , you can position yourself to be in demand in a number of different roles. Here is a look at just a few of the jobs in the IT field that you can expect to encounter after graduation.

    Software Developer

    Software developers are responsible for creating and testing software programs for a variety of end users, from niche corporate customers to the general public. They work closely with computer programmers to make their software designs come together and also provide support services for the software they design. Software developers with graduate degrees command higher salaries and are often preferred by bigger companies. If you want to develop software for a particular industry, it can be helpful to focus on the needs of that niche during your graduate studies so you are prepared when you enter the field.

    Database Administrator

    Database administrators, or DBAs, install, configure, and maintain databases and oversee database upgrades. They also help to ensure databases are secure and help businesses design a database strategy that works for them. Within this process, DBAs must make sure that their systems are compliant with vendor licensing and consistently look for ways to optimize database performance. Having a graduate degree in computer science or graduate certificate in the field can help you find a job with a higher salary.

    IT Business Analyst

    In the role of IT business analyst, employees design project plans for testing new technologies and help to pinpoint possible risks in new projects. This role allows you to combine business knowledge with IT knowledge, so it’s ideal for someone who has pursued graduate students in computer science and also has a strong background of business courses.

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  • Who Can Learn to Code?

    Who is the right student to enroll in a computer science and software engineering program? What is the profile of the right student for graduate programs in computer science, and who should consider taking college courses in which they learn how to code?

    The answer is everyone! Anyone can learn to code—and everyone should. Watch this video to hear from some of the most prominent names in the tech industry about why coding should be part of education for every student, in every school.

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  • Answering Your Questions About Computer Science Education

    If you’re considering pursuing a graduate degree in computer science , you may have questions about what to expect from your education and how your degree translates into real world opportunities. At Seattle University College of Science and Engineering, our admissions and advising staff is always available to answer questions you have both before you apply and while you are enrolled in your graduate program. Here are the answers to some common questions students have pursuing computer science education.

    What are the graduate program goals?

    At Seattle University, our graduate program is designed to give students advanced knowledge of a variety of computer science topics. Classes are designed to strengthen the knowledge students have from their undergraduate careers of core computer science areas, including systems, databases, software design, and algorithms, as well as the opportunity for more focused study within a chosen area of technical expertise. Students also get hands-on experience with either research or software implementation through a graduate project that can help to prepare them to enter their chosen field.

    What career paths are possible after the graduate program?

    With graduate degrees in computer science, students pursue multiple paths. Some begin new careers as software developers, while others move forward in their existing careers in the software industry. Still other students choose to enter doctoral studies after completing a Master of Science program.

    What are the admissions requirements?

    To enter the computer science graduate program at Seattle University, students must have an undergraduate degree in computer science or a background in the computer science field judged to be sufficient preparation for graduate studies. Some students may be admitted provisionally without meeting these basic requirements, but they may have to take additional courses.

    The Seattle University College of Science and Engineering graduate programs are also ideal for people interested in making a career change. Find out how we can help you reach your goals with graduate programs in computer science and software engineering in Seattle by calling (888) 457-5227.