• How to Prepare for Taking College Courses

    When you were in college as an undergrad, you probably weren’t working a full-time job. As a student pursuing a graduate degree, there’s a good chance you’re already working full-time. Because of this, time management is crucial for success in a graduate program. One way to prepare for your demanding workload is to thoroughly review the syllabi of your classes to gain a rough estimate of how much time per week you can expect to devote to them. Begin planning how to adjust your work schedule, family obligations, child care requirements, and other commitments so that you can spend enough time studying. You may even wish to get a head start by purchasing the required textbooks ahead of time and perusing them.

    Graduate programs do emphasize rigorous academics, but networking is another critical component of the graduate experience. Your classmates might later connect you to future employers. Even before class starts, you can begin introducing yourself to your new classmates, sharing contact information, and making plans to get together.

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