• Believe the Hype About Seattle University!

    Are you interested in a graduate degree in computer science and software engineering? Seattle University College of Science and Engineering offers more than a dozen undergraduate majors as well as graduate degrees in computer science, software engineering, and structural engineering. Watch this video to get a glimpse of Seattle University.

    Founded in 1891, Seattle University is located on 50 acres in Seattle’s beautiful Capitol Hill neighborhood. We boast nine schools and colleges and have more than 7,400 students enrolled in the university’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Seattle University College of Science and Engineering offers innovative graduate programs in Seattle . Call us today at (888) 457-5227 to learn more about our academic programs.

  • Should You Consider a Career Change?

    If you’re thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in a new field so you can make a career jump, there are a few steps you can take to help determine if a career change is right for you. Keep reading for tips.

    Consider Income

    Before making the leap into a new career, you’ll need to make sure that you can live off of your potential new income. If you’ve already established yourself in your current field, you may be enjoying lifestyle standards that a low level position in your new career of choice won’t support. Do a bit of research on average entry-level salaries for the new field that you’re considering and if you’re not dissuaded, a career change may be right for you.

    Research What’s in Demand

    Of course, you’ll need the necessary skills for your new career field before you can get anywhere. To get the knowledge you need and also stand above your competition, find out what abilities are in demand. Investigate postings for the career position that you want, and learn what skills they require from candidates. Also, make the most use of the experience and expertise that you already have by learning how they can apply to your new career of choice, directly or indirectly.

    Get Your Feet Wet

    One of the best ways to gain experience when jumping ship is to take on personal projects that apply to your chosen field. Not only will this force you to learn more about the industry, but it will help you determine if the career’s nature will be a good fit for you. Consider interning or volunteering at a company you’d be interested in working for so you can network and also gain insight into the business. With a bit of experience, you’ll be better-prepared to make the decision to change careers, and have a stronger platform to do it from if you decide to make the leap.

    If you’re considering a new graduate degree for a career change, contact Seattle University College of Science and Engineering today. Give us a call at (888) 457-5227 to learn more about our graduate programs in Seattle.

  • What Are the Application Requirements for the Master of Software Engineering?

    If you’re interested in going to grad school in the field of software engineering, you may consider getting a Master of Software Engineering. This graduate degree is great for those who have experience in computing, as it provides extensive opportunities to expand your knowledge and develop your problem solving skills in the field of computer technology.

    In order to apply for this graduate program, you must first meet several admissions qualifications to ensure that you are a good candidate. First, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline, with a minimum GPA of 3.00. This will ensure that you have enough background knowledge to succeed in a graduate school program in software engineering. You’ll also require a resume indicating that you have a minimum of two years’ full-time work experience in the software industry. In addition, applicants for this graduate degree must submit two professional recommendations.

    Are you looking to enroll in graduate programs in Seattle? Contact Seattle University today at (888) 457-5227 for more information about the application requirements for the College of Science and Engineering’s Master of Software Engineering graduate program.