• How Graduate School Differs from Your Undergrad Experience

    Many people take a break from their studies after earning a bachelor’s degree to get started on their careers. If you’re planning to head back to school to earn a graduate degree , you may think that the experience will be much like your undergrad experience. In fact, there are significant differences.

    Student Body

    When your classes begin, you’re likely to find that the student body is different from that of a typical undergraduate class. Students pursuing a graduate degree are typically in their late 20’s, 30’s, and older. They are likely to have day jobs in addition to their classes. Many students may be married and/or have children. Having classmates who already have industry experience is good news for you. Getting to know your classmates is an exercise in professional networking. A fellow student may even refer you to the hiring department at his or her company.

    Academic Expectations

    In graduate programs, students are expected to adhere to rigorous academic standards. Graduate students do have faculty advisors they can turn to for matters such as arranging an internship or selecting courses. However, students are generally expected to require much less “hand-holding” than undergraduate students. While this may mean greater attention to detail on your part, it also means that you’ll have greater autonomy over your own studies.

    Student Life

    Another key area in which undergraduate and graduate programs differ is student life. As an undergrad, you may have joined campus clubs, sports teams, and other activities, and you may have socialized primarily with other students. As a graduate student, your focus is primarily on your studies and on your career. Graduate students are more likely to live off-campus and less likely to socialize with other students—with the exception of group projects and professional networking events.

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  • Picking the Best Graduate Program for You

    Each student will have his or her own set of expectations regarding the ideal graduate program. To select the right graduate program for you, take a look at what’s available. Evaluate your choices in light of your priorities. For example, as this video explains, there can be significant differences between one-year and two-year graduate programs.

    Two-year graduate programs can offer more flexibility, whereas one-year programs tend to be more focused. Another factor to consider is whether the graduate program offers real-world experience.

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