• Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Careers

    A career change can result in a pay increase and increased job motivation and satisfaction. You can facilitate a career change pursuing a graduate degree to make you eligible for a promotion or pay increase in your current field, or you can take college courses that will help you break into a completely new field. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before committing to a career change.

    Would a Graduate Degree Increase My Earning Potential?

    In some fields, higher education doesn’t always translate to an increase in pay. Find out if a graduate degree or graduate certificate would make you more valuable to your company. You can also ask if completing a graduate program would make you eligible for a pay raise. For some employers, simply taking college courses that are relevant to your current position can have an impact on your salary.

    What College Courses are Necessary for My Career Change?

    Before deciding on a new career path, find out what college courses are necessary for your intended graduate program. This will help you evaluate what financial and time commitment you’ll need to make to earn your graduate degree. You can compare that figure to your potential salary increase to determine if the career change and necessary college courses are worth the effort.

    What Are the Job Prospects Like in My Preferred Field?

    Another important thing to consider before a career change is what the job prospects are like in your intended field. Before pursuing a graduate degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering, for instance, find out what jobs are available in that field, whether they’re plentiful, and whether there is a demand for those services in your area.

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  • How Students Benefit from Graduate Projects

    If you’re enrolled in a graduate program at a Seattle college or university, you may need to complete a graduate project in order to earn your graduate degree. Graduate projects are extremely beneficial to college students for a number of reasons. If you’re pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science, or a Master of Software Engineering, you’ll need to participate in the capstone project sequence.

    College students will receive valuable guidance from a faculty advisor, affording you the opportunity for an up-close look at how to succeed once you earn your graduate degree. You’ll also benefit from working closely with your fellow college students to achieve a common goal. This gives you the chance to build leadership skills, and cooperate with others in a team environment. Both graduate programs provide hands on experience in programming, designing, building, and research.

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  • The Benefits of Earning Your Graduate Degree in Computer Science

    The field of computer science and software engineering is constantly growing and evolving. There are a wide variety of jobs available across the country to those who have a graduate degree from an accredited college. If you’re considering enrolling in a graduate program at a college near you, continue reading to learn about the benefits of a graduate degree in computer science.

    Variety of Job Possibilities

    With a Master of Science in Computer Science , you have a wide range of job possibilities available to you. Whether you want to stay in your current city, or move across the country, there will be plenty of lucrative jobs available. You can start a career as a software developer, work in development, testing, or support positions in the software industry, work as a software development or IT securities consultant or analyst, or even work in software architecture or design.

    Earn Higher Pay With a Graduate Degree

    Most fields pay more to employees who have advanced education. When you’re competing against others for jobs, a graduate degree will make you a much more attractive candidate. Completing a graduate program can help you negotiate higher pay when accepting a job offer, as you have far more experience and education than an applicant without a graduate degree.

    Facilitate a Career Change

    If you’re stuck in a rut in your current career, enrolling in a graduate program in computer science can help facilitate a career change. You can use your graduate degree to advance into higher positions at your current job, or you can embark on a new career entirely. A graduate degree can significantly expand your career opportunities.

    You can earn a graduate degree in computer science and software engineering at Seattle University in just two to three years. A graduate degree can increase your earning potential, and help you embark on an exciting career change. For more information about the admissions requirements of the Seattle University Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering , call us today at (206) 296-5510.