• GRE Test Taking Tips for Graduate Students

    Potential students need to pass the Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE test, if they want to enroll in graduate school to improve their academic careers. This process can be tricky for all students, but especially so for international students wishing to study in America.

    As you will see in this video, GRE tests are often taken on computers. International students can prepare by practicing their typing skills and even taking practice tests online. Students who are uncomfortable with computer testing can ask if there are any dates when paper tests are available.

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  • Internship Guidelines for the Master of Science in Computer Science Program

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    If you are interested in a career in computer science, consider participating in the internship program at Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering . Take a look at the guidelines you will need to follow during your internship:

    Submit an Internship Request Form
    If you are interested in our internship, start by submitting the Internship Request Form available on our website. Meet with the program director to accomplish this first step. You must bring your internship offer letters before the program director can help you complete your Internship Request Form. Once it is complete, you can submit it to Mr. Mike Smith.

    Fill Out Weekly Internship Reports

    It is important for students to keep detailed logs of their work and experience during any internship. We provide an Internship Weekly Report online that makes it easy to keep track of your work and stick to the guidelines of the program. You must write up one to two pages detailing what you work on each week and email your reports to your project director each week before the deadline.

    Meet With Your Project Supervisor

    You must set up an appointment with your project supervisor two to three weeks after starting the internship program. During this meeting, you and your supervisor will discuss various topics you can choose for your project. Once you decide on a topic, you will need to fill out the Project Agreement Form and submit it to the program director.

    Complete Your Project and Get Evaluated

    You should start working on your project right away so that you have plenty of time to receive all of the necessary data. Your project should be between three and five pages and saved as a Word document. After submitting your project, you will meet with your project supervisor to receive an evaluation of your internship.

    Contact Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering to learn more about the internship program and determine if it is the right option for you. Get more facts about our computer science degree programs by calling us at (206) 452-2262.

  • Adjusting to Life as a Graduate Student

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    You graduated from college—what’s next? Entering graduate school can set you apart from other college graduates and give you the extra tools needed to obtain the career you really want. Graduate school is typically a different experience from the undergraduate years, but this guide can help you adjust:

    Give Yourself Plenty of Time

    Making the switch from undergraduate student to graduate student can be difficult if you have been out of school for a while or plan to attend graduate school in a new city or state. Give yourself time to explore the area and get comfortable with your new surroundings before classes start. Find stores and other shops you will need to visit regularly and introduce yourself to your neighbors and other incoming graduate students.

    Think Like an Employee, Not a Student

    Many current and former graduate students agree that one of the biggest differences between graduate and undergraduate school is feeling more like an employee than a student. Graduate school may seem more like a job than your undergraduate years did due to the larger time commitment and stronger devotion to a specific field. Try thinking of your time in graduate school as a full-time job that is helping you gain the tools and knowledge needed to move on to your dream job in the future.

    Set Goals and Sticks to Them

    You will quickly find that planning is essential in order to stay calm and become successful in graduate school. Before classes start, sit down and create a list of goals you wish to accomplish during your graduate school career. This can include short-term goals such as passing an exceptionally challenging class as well as long-term goals such as discovering career paths that interest you the most.

    Get more advice that will help you adjust to life in graduate school by contacting the staff at Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Check us out online or call us at (206) 452-2262 to learn about our Seattle computer science degrees and masters of software engineering degrees.