• Exploring the Benefits of Earning a Degree In Biochemistry

    biotechnology laboratory research

    Your education is an investment in your future career; choose a degree program that serves your interests and prepares you for a wide range of possible careers. You might consider earning your degree in biochemistry, for example, which can open doors in both the public and private sectors. With a degree in biochemistry, you’ll have the flexibility to choose from many different career fields. If you’re curious about the world around you, can work well with others, can communicate clearly, and wish to learn more about science, then a biochemistry degree could be right for you.

    Areas of Specialization

    With an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, you could choose to specialize in any number of exciting areas. For example, you might choose to specialize in healthcare, pharmacology, or agriculture. You might decide that environmental concerns are your priority, or that you’re interested in applying the principles of biochemistry to advancing the field of forensic science. The cosmeceutical field, or the combination of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, also requires workers with a background in biochemistry. Since biochemistry principles are applicable to such a wide range of areas, your opportunities are virtually limitless.

    Types of Employers

    Many different types of employers need scientists with a background in biochemistry. If you choose to go into teaching, your employer might be an elementary school, high school, or college. Or, you could choose a teaching position with a non-school employer, such as a museum or zoo. If you’re interested in working in research and development, your employer might be a university laboratory or a government lab. Other types of employers can include public health departments, hospital labs, private testing labs, the armed services, nursing homes, and many more.

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  • Why Seattle University College of Science & Engineering Is a Good Choice for Transfer Students

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    Are you unhappy with your current academic experience? Instead of continuing a program that isn’t giving you the tools you need to succeed, you should consider transferring to a university that offers a better fit. Seattle University’s College of Science & Engineering makes it easy for transfer students to finish their degrees and find success in the working world.

    More than half of the seniors studying computer science and engineering at Seattle University are transfer students. Seattle University’s College of Science & Engineering has a dedicated faculty, small class sizes, and very high standards, making it an attractive choice for transfer students. We also offer generous transfer scholarships of up to $12,000 a year for students with GPAs of 3.25 and higher. You’ll find that Seattle University is a great place to complete your computer science or software engineering degree. 

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