• Computer Science from a Woman’s Perspective

    When many people think about the typical computer scientist, they often picture a creative and analytical young man applying his skills to create an answer to a technological problem. It’s important for those less familiar with the world of computer science, however, to note that this field is not solely represented by men and is becoming a popular choice for innovative young women as well. In fact, the Seattle University Computer Science department faculty is 50% women. As you will see in this video, women in computer science play a major role in the development of new software each year.

    Women studying computer science in graduate school can expect a future career that involves research and the application of scientific and mathematical theories. Such a career allows them to make their stamp in history and fulfill personal goals they set for themselves as young girls.

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  • Learn Where Your Degree Might Take You With These Helpful Articles

    Earning a Master’s degree from Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering can help you begin a lucrative career in the burgeoning information technology industry. To learn more about the advantages of enrolling in one of our graduate programs explore the resources below.

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  • A Look at Undergraduate Life at Seattle University

    Whether you are pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree, your university experience will be enhanced by personalized institutional support from your college, as well as the cultural offerings of the town or city where your school is located.

    Seattle University, located in the heart of the Emerald City’s vibrant Capitol Hill district, offers a top-tier educational experience in a cosmopolitan setting. Students who complete degrees here will enjoy both the intimacy of our small campus and the excitement of urban life. Watch this video to learn more about the student experience at Seattle University.

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  • Graduate Degrees: Are They Worth the Cost?

    In today’s economic climate, many gifted computer science students are reluctant to pursue graduate degrees because they fear that they will not obtain adequate returns on the time and money they invest in the program. Unlike Master’s degrees or even PhDs in social sciences and humanities, however, graduate degrees in computer science and software engineering have real value in today’s job market. Read below to find out how one of these degrees can help you on your career path.

    Graduation accessories on the desk

    Enhanced Job Prospects

    The technology industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s economy, and the demand for skilled programmers and software designers shows no signs of decreasing. Obtaining a Master’s degree in the field will make you an even more attractive candidate to many companies, and set you apart from the many applicants who only hold a Bachelor’s.

    Higher Earning Potential

    While an applicant with an M.A. in the humanities or social sciences may seem overqualified for office work and ill-suited for technical work, an applicant with an M.S. in computer science or software engineering adds tangible value to a company. This is because these degrees demonstrate that a candidate has practical knowledge of coding and software design, so he or she will make concrete contributions to the company.

    Industry Connections

    Many leading companies in the technology sector offer internship programs to students currently pursuing graduate degrees in computer science. Even though you won’t earn a fortune as an intern, you will gain valuable industry experience and also have the opportunity to meet people who already work in the field. Your performance as an intern can lead to lucrative job offers after you complete your degree, and the connections you make can be very valuable for your future career.

    If you would like to pursue a career in the information technology industry, consider enrolling in a graduate program at Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering . Visit our department’s site online or call us at (206) 452-2262 to learn more about the application process and the different degrees we offer.