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    Whether you are a full-time undergraduate student, considering post-baccalaureate work, or pursuing graduate education, Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering offers a range of degrees in science, mathematics, and engineering . As you prepare for a career in science and technology, Seattle University is committed to helping you establish the strong foundation of knowledge and skills that will help you find your perfect career. Learn more about our degree programs here:

    Undergraduate Study

    Do you want to major in a field where you can apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom to real-world issues? Whether you want to major in a basic science like biology, are considering a degree in computer science, or want to design your own interdisciplinary program, Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering will help you develop the skills you need. Our acclaimed faculty teaches small courses to some of the best students in the Pacific Northwest, and the city of Seattle offers innumerable internship opportunities so you can apply your coursework to internships at Boeing, Microsoft, or AT&T (to name just a few). Our advisors will guide you every step of the way.

    Graduate Work

    Whether you are looking for a career change or want to increase your current earning potential, Seattle University’s three paths for graduate work will further your science and engineering education and give you a competitive edge in the job market. Our post-baccalaureate Heath Studies Certificate gives students the science background they need to prepare for a career in medicine, while our acclaimed Master of Software Engineering was the first of its kind in the nation. Finally, the Master of Science in Computer Science prepares our students for lucrative careers in technology.

    Whether you are just beginning your studies, considering graduate work , or looking for a change mid-career, contact Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering at (206) 452-2262 today to learn more about our full-time and part-time programs.

  • Browse Through these Resources to Learn More About the Benefits of Pursuing a Degree in Computer Science

    If you want to step into the digital age ready to pursue a high-paying and low-stress career in software engineering or computer-programming, Seattle University can help you with undergraduate and Master’s programs housed in the technology hub of the Pacific Northwest. 

    creating technology

    With our superior teaching staff and networking opportunities, Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering can ensure that our students leave prepared to tackle the complex problems that lie ahead. For more information, call (206) 452-2262. 

  • A Look at Seattle University’s Masters Programs for Computer Science and Software Engineering

    Jobs available to individuals with an education in computer science or software engineering are on the rise. In fact, these fields are expected to grow at a rate of about 30% over the next few years. These jobs are high paying and available across the nation, and the earning potential is even more impressive for those holding a Master’s degree in these subjects. Seattle University can help you reach your full potential and earn a degree in one of the following programs: 

    Seattle University

    Master of Science in Computer Science

    The curriculum of the MSCS program is divided into two courses per quarter, with a total of five quarters for full-time students. Students with part-time schedules can also complete the program over a longer period of about three years. Courses are focused on theory and applications so that students are given a thorough background to the work that they will be performing on a daily basis. Research is emphasized as well, which facilitates hands-on learning for an easier transition to a career in computer science.

    Master of Software Engineering

    Seattle University has been offering the MSE program since 1979, and it has continued to evolve as technology advances and improves through time. This program is ideal for working individuals taking on a degree program in addition to job responsibilities, as all classes are offered in the evening. Along with flexibility in scheduling, the degree offers variety in electives that can be fine-tuned to your interests and career goals.

    If you are interested in applying for one of these programs , get started on the admissions process today by calling (206) 452-2262. Because we are located in the Pacific Northwest, we can keep close track of new changes to the computer and software engineering industries to ensure that our curriculum keeps up with these rapidly growing fields. 

  • The Benefits of a Degree in Software Engineering

    As more business, socialization, and recreational activities go digital, the need for software developers and engineers continues to rise. In fact, software engineering is one of the fastest growing career fields today, so it is an area that you might consider if you have strong skills in computer programming and a knack for creativity. Although you can enter the field with just a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, going after a Master’s in Software Engineering can help you further your rewarding career. Here is a look at the specific ways that this degree might benefit you.

    Information Super Highway

    Higher Earning Potential

    The starting salary for software engineers is already well above average, and a higher degree can give you opportunities with an even higher salary. Plus, there are software development jobs in Boston, Silicon Valley, New York, and most of the Pacific Northwest, so you can take your earning power to either coast.

    New Skills in Management

    When you pursue a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, you will get more than a deeper understanding of computer science and software development. You will gain skills in communication, leadership, and project organization that can propel you to a management position within your area of expertise.

    More Detailed Specialization

    At the Master’s level, you have more options for curriculum electives and research that can help you refine your skills to fit a much more specific career path. This means that after you complete your Master’s program, you will not be limited to pursuing more general entry-level positions.

    Explore the curriculum involved in the Master of Software Engineering Program at Seattle University by visiting us online or calling us at (206) 452-2262. Our MSE program is an excellent opportunity for working professionals seeking higher education , as it features flexible scheduling with evening courses that won’t interfere with your work. 

  • Get to Know the City of Seattle

    Seattle is an excellent city for college students. The Emerald City has a rich arts culture and is home to amazing restaurants and eateries , all nestled in breathtaking natural scenery that can constantly amaze you. Plus, it is the ideal spot for individuals with career goals in computer science or software engineering, because the Pacific Northwest is the technology capital of the nation. 

    Watch this video to hear how some students at Seattle University have embraced the city so you can prepare for your transition to this amazing city and your education in it. For a closer look at the undergraduate and Master’s degree programs offered by the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Seattle University, contact us online or call us at (206) 452-2262.