• Training in Technology: The Merits of a Master’s Degree [INFOGRAPHIC]

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    Are you interested in a career in the booming technology industry? As one of the fastest growing and highest paying industries today, the field of technology offers plenty of exciting opportunities. Although most computer science-related jobs are attainable with just a bachelor’s degree, getting a graduate degree in the technology industry offers many advantages. As one of the top ranked master’s degrees in 2012, computer science might be just the industry you’re looking for.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a graduate degree in computer science or software engineering, take a look at this infographic about computer science master’s programs . Feel free to share this information with your friends and family members who are interested in learning more about the opportunities in higher education!

  • Learn How Seattle University’s College Of Science And Engineering Can Help You Reach Your Goals By Checking Out These Great Links!

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    Seattle University’s graduate program offers a community that fosters professional development and growth. Aside from classroom education, students get the opportunity to network and showcase their computer science and engineering skills. These resources illustrate how Seattle University provides the educational background needed for a successful career.

    • Seattle University’s student paper, The Spectator , describes the supportive atmosphere and networking opportunities at the Society of Women Engineer’s annual conference.
    • This U.S News article explains why the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 1.8 million new jobs in the field of computer science by 2018.
    • The Washington Post discusses the growth and stability of the computer software engineering and security field in this article.
    • The official website of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering shows how membership in this professional organization provides professional growth to students at Seattle University.
    • In a downturned economic period, students should seek a degree that provides the best professional opportunities. This Forbes Magazine article explains why advanced computer science graduates are always in demand .

    Are you ready to begin your graduate education? To learn more about Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering graduate level programs, call (206) 452-2262.

  • The Benefits of Obtaining a Graduate Degree in Computer Science

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    Choosing a career path is not a decision to take lightly. It is important to pick a field that you enjoy and can confidently rely on for employment. In today’s changing technological world, the field of computer science is in high demand. In fact, the mid-career salary for individuals with a master’s degree in computer science is over $100,000, and those with an advanced degree can expect a variety of employment opportunities after graduation. Along with the opportunity to earn a great salary, a graduate degree in computer science offers:

    Specialized knowledge of the field.

    While undergraduate curriculum provides a strong foundation of knowledge, graduate students are able to fine tune their computer science skills. Through meaningful coursework and excellent instructors, students leave with the ability to tackle more complex problems. This better prepares them for careers in the computer science field. Master degree programs provide the opportunity to work on complex problems that can be applied to real-world settings. Students are able to build on the knowledge they gained as undergrads and become specialists in the field.

    Experience that sets graduates apart as job candidates.

    The specialized knowledge that students in graduate-level computer science programs acquire sets them apart in the job applicant pool. They can offer more sophisticated programming skills than those without graduate degrees. This gives those with master’s degrees a competitive advantage. Employers know that advanced education better prepares applicants to solve a variety of complex problems and to adapt to the changing role of computers in society.

    The computer science graduate program offered by Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering gives students the tools they need to make an impact in the computer science field. With our superior teaching staff and networking opportunities, we can ensure that our students leave prepared to tackle the complex problems that lie ahead. For more information, call (206) 452-2262.