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Is the Lack of a Graduate Degree Holding Your Career Back?

When you’re trying to get ahead at work, you may find that your performance is not enough to help you get to the next level. Often, employers want to see the right mix of experience and education when they are considering candidates for higher-level positions. Could your lack of a graduate degree be standing between you and the career you want? Here are some signs that you could benefit from completing a graduate program.

You keep losing out on promotions.

Have you noticed a pattern of your colleagues moving on to new positions as they arise, while you stay stuck in the same job? The reason you’re not making progress could be because you haven’t completed a graduate program while your coworkers have. Even if your work performance is impeccable and you’re a valued team member, in a competitive workplace, a graduate degree could be the thing that gives a coworker the edge over you for a coveted promotion.

You can’t get an interview.

If you work in an industry in which graduate education is common, such as computer science or software engineering, then even getting an interview with a prospective employer could prove difficult without one. When you’re looking for new employment but not getting any calls back, even though your experience is a fit for the positions for which you’re applying, not having a graduate-level education could be causing you to fall behind other candidates.

You have gaps in your knowledge.

In the workplace, if you sometimes feel like you don’t have the same level of knowledge as some of your coworkers, your educational background could be to blame. Entering a graduate program gives you an opportunity to delve more deeply into your field, so you can bring that knowledge back to your career.

At Seattle University College of Science and Engineering, we offer graduate programs in computer science and software engineering that are an ideal fit for professionals interested in broadening their career opportunities. Learn more about our masters and graduate certificate programs in Seattle by calling (888) 457-5227.

How to Succeed in Grad School

Entering a graduate program is a big decision, and it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed about what lies ahead. Watch this video for advice about how to thrive in your graduate program so you can get everything out of it you can.

Start by evaluating your options for graduate degrees before enrolling in a program, so you find something that you are motivated to study and that complements your career path. Recognize that any stress you feel as part of your program is just part of academics and is also being experienced by every other student. Rely on the students and professors around you for the support you need during your studies.

The graduate programs at Seattle University College of Science and Engineering are designed to allow students with a variety of backgrounds and goals succeed. Find out more about studying computer science and software engineering in Seattle by calling (888) 457-5227.

Tips for Beating Study Burnout

Pursuing a graduate degree is deeply rewarding, but it is also demanding. Every student experiences study burnout from time to time as part of his or her academic career. Overcome your burnout and reengage with your program with these tips:

Find Your Outlet

The demands of your graduate program, along with any outside work you do, can seem to fill up all of your time. It is important to have outlets to let you escape these responsibilities and do the things you enjoy. Having a weekly meet-up with friends or scheduling family time can be good ways to escape from your work a little bit and come back to it more refreshed. Don’t forget to include alone time to indulge your own hobbies and interests into your schedule.

Prioritize Your Health

When you’re exhausted and unhealthy, staying focused is harder than ever. Make it a priority to get an adequate amount of sleep. Pack your own lunch instead of getting takeout every day, and carve out some time for weekly meal prep so that you have healthy dinners that are easy to make. Get some physical activity every day to stay energized. Feeling healthy makes it easier to concentrate on your work and can make you more productive, since you won’t be slowed down by feelings of exhaustion.

Rely on Your Fellow Students

In graduate programs, your fellow students can be your biggest allies. You’re all going through the same experience, and every single one of you will deal with burnout at some point. Speak up and share your struggles with your peer group, and encourage them to do the same. When you all offer support to each other, it’s easier to get through the tough times when you feel burned out.

We’re committed to the success of each student in graduate programs in computer science and software engineering here at the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering. Contact us today at (888) 457-5227 to find out more about our student services and our graduate programs in Seattle.

Signs That You're Ready to Begin Graduate Education

When considering applying to a graduate program to advance their career and education, it’s common for people to wonder if they are prepared to handle the academics and responsibilities involved. If this sounds like you, then continue reading to learn what signs mean you are ready to commence graduate education.

You Know What You Want

Have you done your research and determined what type of graduate program and degree you want? If so, then this is a good sign that you are ready for education at this level. Once in grad school, you will find that there is significant focus on specificity, and you will be expected to find your own area of specialization during your studies. Knowing what interests you and where you want your degree to take you can simplify the application process and help you succeed in your program.

Your Family Is Supportive

Before jumping into the grad school application process, think about your responsibility to others, whether they be your parents, spouse, or children. These factors are important considerations when determining if now is the time for you to begin your graduate education.

You Are Financially Stable

Do you have debt from your undergraduate studies looming over your head? If so, then you may not be ready to begin graduate education. If you will need a lot of financial assistance to make it through graduate school, then it’s important to think carefully before taking on the expenses involved.

You Have a Good Reason

It’s not uncommon for individuals to consider going to grad school when they feel uncertain about what path to take in their career, or they wish to postpone real life a bit longer after earning their undergraduate degree. If you have a concrete and practical reason to pursue a graduate degree, then you may be prepared to start grad school.

Are you ready to pursue a graduate degree in Seattle? If so, then please call (888) 457-5227 to learn about the graduate programs offered by the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering.

Jobs Computer Science Grads Can Consider

Are you considering enrolling in Seattle University’s Master of Science in Computer Science program? If so, then you can benefit from knowing more about possible career outcomes for this degree. Watch this video to learn about jobs for computer science graduates to consider.

Starting out by doing contract work in software architecture and development can improve your resume and broaden your skill set, and job growth is significant in mobile application development, which can be a great place for recent grads to start out. Big data analytics, healthcare IT, and video game design are also areas of opportunity for computer science graduates.

Are you searching for colleges in Seattle that offer computer science masters programs? If so, then look no further than the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering. For information about our Master of Science in Computer Science degree program, please call (888) 457-5227.

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