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Expert Advice for Balancing Working Responsibilities and Graduate School

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Many people want to pursue a master’s degree to further their professional aspirations, yet cannot put their existing careers on hold to do so. As a result, they must study for that computer science or software engineering degree while simultaneously working a full time job or looking after their family. To be successful at each endeavor, it takes planning, patience, and reason. If you are heading to graduate school, you’ll find that the following tips can help you achieve what you set out to do.

Know What You Can Handle

Upon entering graduate school, you might be eager to get your degree so you can move forward in your career. However, taking on a class load beyond your capacity can result in a fast burnout and possibly even dropping out of school. If you cannot transition from a full time to part-time job while in graduate school, it may be in your best interest to attend classes on a part-time basis instead.

Make Schedule Adjustments

Once you begin graduate school, you will need to make some alterations to your existing schedule. That might mean giving up a favorite television show or turning down some social engagements. Though difficult at first, these changes will reward you with a master’s degree and greater job opportunities in the future.

Ask for Help if You Need It

Getting your computer science or software engineering degree is a worthwhile pursuit, but also one that may tax your time and energy along the way. If you feel yourself falling behind in class, seek out your professor or tutor for help. If your household responsibilities fall to the wayside, ask your spouse or sibling to get your groceries or do the laundry. Everyone needs help from time to time, so don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance when your stress levels are high and energy reserves are low.

Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering can help you reach new levels of professional success. For more information on our graduate school programs, call (206) 452-2262. You can also visit our website to find out more about our admissions requirements and financial aid options. 

Exploring the Seattle University College of Science & Engineering Peer Mentoring Program


Adjusting to college life can be a process. Who better to help you get through it than someone else in your shoes? That is the goal of the Science & Engineering Peer Mentoring Program at Seattle University. This program matches upper-department students with incoming freshmen and transfer students who are interested in science and engineering degrees to help them have smooth first-year experiences.

The Peer Mentoring program is voluntary for new students, but a vast majority elects to take part. The mentors are here to help with all aspects of student life. Not only do they offer information about the science and engineering programs, but they also answer questions about student resources, course registration, and campus social life. Above all else, they are there to listen and support through all of the first-year jitters that are part of the college experience.

At Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, the Peer Mentoring program is just one example of the commitment we have to ensuring all of our students thrive. Get all the information you need about our computer science and software engineering graduate programs by calling (206) 452-2262. 

Student Life at Seattle University

When you enroll at Seattle University, the entire city becomes your classroom. Our students revel in the combination of our renowned graduate programs and the benefits of living in one of the cultural capitals of the world. This video gives a taste of what life is like for our students once class is over.

Whatever your passion, Seattle has sometimes thing for you. Music, theater, sports, outdoor activities, and unique restaurants can be found around every corner. Seattle is famed for coffee, and the city’s coffeehouses do not disappoint. Seattle University students find a new adventure every time they step out of their doorways. 

Enjoy the advantages of living in a thriving, cosmopolitan city while earning your graduate degree by joining Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering. Get more information about our degree programs and admission criteria by calling (206) 452-2262. 

Top Reasons to Get Your Computer Science Degree


A computer science degree is a golden ticket to a bright future. Few other fields are growing at the pace of computer science, and the need for technology experts is only expected to increase. If you are trying to decide what college degree will give you the most bang for your educational buck, here are some reasons you should settle in on computer science.

Fast Job Growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science job openings will increase by 19 percent by 2020. This fast-paced growth is even more impressive when you consider that so many other industries are actually shedding jobs. With a computer science degree, you will be positioned to walk into a growth industry in which your potential for finding fulfilling, lucrative work is boundless.

Diverse Skill Set

You don’t have to dream of a life working with computers to win with a degree in computer science. At its foundation, a computer science education teaches you problem solving skills and logical thinking that you can apply to nearly any discipline. Further, no matter what field you choose to work in, having knowledge of technology makes you invaluable.

Varied Career Opportunities

Most people associate computer science degrees with working as an IT officer. Although IT departments offer many opportunities for computer science graduates, they are far from the only places people with this background can work. As technology continues to evolve, so do the many career options for people with computer science degrees. A computer science background allows you to work in the medical field, design, publishing, and many more industries.

Explore what a computer science education could mean to you by reaching out to Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. We’re always available to answer your questions about our graduate programs and the real-world applications of our world-class education. Are you ready to learn more? Call us at (206) 452-2262. 

A Look at the Cities With the Most Computer Science Job Opportunities


Even in a depressed job market, people with computer science degrees are winning. While other industries are experiencing contraction, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the computer science jobs will increase by 19 percent by 2020. Although computer scientists are in demand nationwide, there are a few cities that have more job opportunities than most. Armed with your Seattle University Computer Science degree, consider launching your career in these technology hotspots.

Washington, DC

The federal government is driving the need for people with computer science educations. A long list of government departments need people with computer backgrounds and up-to-date knowledge of new technologies. The suburbs surrounding DC, where companies that do contract work for the government are located, also need computer science specialists.

New York City

New York’s thriving financial sector needs computer scientists to manage their data and programs, but the universities are really driving the demand in this job market.  Many of these jobs are faculty positions that require a computer science graduate degree as well a portfolio of published works within the field.


It should come as no surprise to students in Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering that there is a hotbed of technology jobs right in their own backyard. The Pacific Northwest leads the country in tech, and the city is packed with innovative companies who need new talent to help them grow. Our school is tapped into the city’s technology sector, and our Career Services team helps our well-prepared graduates find work within the field.

Take a step towards securing a bright future for yourself, and contact Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Get answers to all of your questions about our graduate degree programs and find out about the advantages of entering the job market as one of our graduates. Call us at (206) 452-2262 to get started. 

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