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Is the Lack of a Graduate Degree Holding Your Career Back?

When you’re trying to get ahead at work, you may find that your performance is not enough to help you get to the next level. Often, employers want to see the right mix of experience and education when they are considering candidates for higher-level positions. Could your lack of a graduate degree be standing between you and the career you want? Here are some signs that you could benefit from completing a graduate program.

You keep losing out on promotions.

Have you noticed a pattern of your colleagues moving on to new positions as they arise, while you stay stuck in the same job? The reason you’re not making progress could be because you haven’t completed a graduate program while your coworkers have. Even if your work performance is impeccable and you’re a valued team member, in a competitive workplace, a graduate degree could be the thing that gives a coworker the edge over you for a coveted promotion.

You can’t get an interview.

If you work in an industry in which graduate education is common, such as computer science or software engineering, then even getting an interview with a prospective employer could prove difficult without one. When you’re looking for new employment but not getting any calls back, even though your experience is a fit for the positions for which you’re applying, not having a graduate-level education could be causing you to fall behind other candidates.

You have gaps in your knowledge.

In the workplace, if you sometimes feel like you don’t have the same level of knowledge as some of your coworkers, your educational background could be to blame. Entering a graduate program gives you an opportunity to delve more deeply into your field, so you can bring that knowledge back to your career.

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