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    Reasons to Earn an Advanced Computer Science Degree

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Higher education paves the way to many coveted and important jobs in countless different fields, and computer science programs are no exception. However, an advanced computer science degree goes beyond a wider job market by instilling important character traits in those who choose the field. Here are a few reasons to earn an advanced computer science degree.

    Enhanced Problem Solving Skills

    When you pursue an advanced degree in the computer science field, you will learn how to think in different ways. This change in perspective will be invaluable when it comes to certain aspects of life, such as problem solving. Since you will be spending much of your time understanding, programming, and resolving computer-related situations, your life will start to feel like a fine-tuned machine. You will be better prepared to tackle problems in your daily life as if they were software problems; that is, systematically and pragmatically.

    Accept the Challenge

    Studying, practicing, and mastering computer science is not an easy task; however, it is not the easy tasks that pay off in life. When you choose to pursue an advanced computer science degree, you commit to facing new challenges every day. You may struggle at times, and you may occasionally fail, but you will continue to learn and develop your skills so that you can overcome any challenge in your path. When you do overcome these obstacles, you prove to yourself that you have what it takes to stay committed to your goals.

    Expanding Job Field

    Although the massive job market is not the only upside to studying computer science, it is certainly a substantial perk. Technology continues to play a larger and larger role in our lives, which opens up more jobs for people with advanced computer science degrees. There is an abundance of jobs for those with intensive knowledge of software programming and development, and an advanced computer science degree will put you on the front lines.

    Still not convinced? Contact Seattle University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. We offer you the tools you need in order to start your career in technology on the right foot. If you are interested in pursuing a Master of Computer Science or Master of Software Engineering in the Seattle area, visit our website or call us at (206) 452-2262.

    Degree Requirements for a Master of Science In Computer Science

    Last updated 16 days ago

    An M.S. degree in Computer Science is great way to develop your professional skill set and expand your career opportunities, but a graduate education can be challenging if you aren’t prepared for the course load. Avoid becoming overwhelmed and learn more about the degree requirements for Seattle University’s MSCS program below.

    The MSCS program curriculum covers 45 graduate credits—12 from required courses, 15 from breadth electives, 8-9 from electives, and 9-10 from a graduate project. The full program may be completed within five quarters by full-time students (two courses per quarter), or within three years by part-time students. The graduate project is designed to challenge students’ professional skills through either an applied software implementation project or an in-depth research project.

    Seattle University prides itself on offering a comprehensive MSCS program with flexible elective streams and hands-on instruction. Small class sizes, superior instruction, and a versatile curriculum are just a few of the reasons why SU has been recognized as the Technology Capital of the Pacific Northwest. Visit us online to learn more about class electives and admissions requirements, or contact us at (206) 452-2262 to RSVP to our next information session.

    Career Change to Computer Science

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Starting in the summer of 2014 Computer Science & Software Engineering at Seattle University will offer a “Career Change Path to Master’s Degree” This program will be in three parts:
    1. Beginning Programming Boot-Camp
    2. Fundamentals of Programming Graduate Certificate
    3. Master of Science in Computer Science Program
    Admission Requirements: An Undergraduate Degree
    Start here if no programming experience
    • Programming Boot Camp
    A twelve (12) week intensive summer program. Courses in three blocks of four weeks, 3:30 to 5:05 pm Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
    Block 1: June 23 to July 19
    Block 2: July 21 to August 16
    Block 3: August 18 to September 15
    Start here with programming experiencece
    • Fundamentals of Programming Certificate
    Graduate Certificate 18 Credits
    CPSC 5010: Software Design & Engineering
    CPSC 5020: Computing Systems Principles
    CPSC 5030: Fundamentals of Algorithms and Analysis
    One course per quarter, evenings, two nights a week
    Master of Science in Computer Science
    • Satisfactory completion of Certificate, no GRE required
    Late afternoon and evening classes
    Takes as little as 18 months
    Information: Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering:

    Skills Needed to Be a Successful Software Engineer

    Last updated 22 days ago

    What do you want from your career? It’s likely a question that has come up again and again during your undergraduate education, and perhaps for several years after. The computer science field is extremely versatile, and as this video with an EA software engineer shows, it can offer much more than job security and a competitive salary.

    Software engineering is about more than writing code; employers also value a close attention to detail and the ability to creatively solve problems in real-world applications. Professional software engineers must also be able to manage their workload to effectively meet deadlines and collaborate on group projects.

    The Seattle University College of Computer Science & Engineering has been a leader in its field for decades, and our graduate programs are catered to meet the needs and interests of working professionals. Follow the link to learn more about our Master of Software Engineering program, or call (206) 452-2262 to request more information.

    Joining the Software Engineering Program at Seattle University

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Seattle University pioneered the first Master of Software Engineering (MSE) program in 1979 and awarded the first degree in 1982, and since then we have designed a comprehensive curriculum to develop professional skills and provide advanced study in areas of interest. Admission to our MSE program is fairly competitive, which is why we’ve developed this short guide to help potential applicants set themselves up for success.

    Where to Start

    In addition to an application and a four-year degree in a related field, other admission requirements for the MSE program at Seattle University include the following: a current résumé reflecting at least two years’ full-time work experience, a Master of Software Engineering Application form demonstrating a working knowledge of at least one programming language, a professional autobiography, and two professional recommendations. Ideally, recommendation letters should describe the specific nature and quality of your work.

    About the Program

    The MSE program at Seattle University is designed to build upon applicants’ professional background and develop teamwork and problem-solving skills. In addition to a balanced core curriculum of technical and managerial courses, our program also provides a variety of elective streams. All courses are offered at night, and a part-time student can complete the 47 required graduate credits in as little as three years.

    Application Tips

    For a strong graduate school application, plan early enough to get all of the required material together (recommendations, test scores, application paperwork) well before deadline. Working students may also want to consider how coursework may impact their professional obligations and plan accordingly—even if courses are not during normal work hours, it is still important to allot enough time for the projected course load. Applicants should also be prepared to address weaker parts of their educational or professional record.

    Find out why Seattle University is considered the Technology Capital of the Pacific Northwest and visit us online or call (206) 452-2262 to RSVP for the next upcoming information session for our MSE program.

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