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The Parent's Guide to Succeeding in Grad School

Completing a graduate program is a challenging task. Getting a graduate degree while also being a parent is exponentially harder. However, many determined and creative parents prove every year that this accomplishment can be achieved. It takes organization, determination, and, above all, the right attitude. Read on to learn more about succeeding in grad school as a parent.

Stick to the Schedule

Whether you have kids or not, you likely feel that you never have enough time for all of your grad school projects. It’s important to focus on and work with the time that you do have—exactly 24 hours a day. One of the best ways to tackle graduate degrees as a parent is to create a schedule that encompasses everything that you do. Schedule in a solid amount of sleep every night, some downtime to let your mind rest, and a realistic amount of time for that inevitable heap of laundry. Having everything planned out will give you confidence in knowing that you can manage what may otherwise seem overwhelming and will help you identify any unrealistic expectations of your time.

Keep a Positive Outlook

As a student in a graduate program, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude. It’s easy to miss the forest in the trees when you’re overwhelmed by papers, presentations, and graduate certificate requirements. Fortunately, your kids don’t care about the world of academics. They appreciate the little things in life, whether it’s spending five extra minutes with you or playing outside in the sunshine. Take a tip from your children and remember to appreciate each milestone, no matter how small, during your graduate school journey. Doing so will help you maintain a positive attitude and life balance that’s vital not just in graduate school, but in your future career as well.

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Tips for Acing Your Internship

As a college student or student in a graduate program, you may participate in several internships throughout your academic career. It’s important to make a good impression as an intern. After all, the company that you intern for can write you a glowing recommendation that might kick start your career.

Watch this video for some tips on acing your internship. First, make being on time a priority. This shows respect for others’ time. Second, try to find things to do without being told. Others will notice your initiative and may give you more significant responsibilities as a result. Finally, always do some research before you ask questions.

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Managing Your Workload in Grad School

If you’ve recently begun a graduate program, you may be intimidated by the amount of work you have to complete. Graduate programs typically have a much heavier workload than undergraduate programs, and this shift can be a challenging one to make. However, managing your workload properly just takes a little foresight and determination. Read on for some tips on managing your grad school workload.

Procrastination Is a Thing of the Past

Typically, you can get away with procrastinating in undergrad, but grad school is an entirely different academic environment. Grad school assignments like laboratory studies and theses cannot be completed overnight. If you put them off, you’re more likely to have a panic attack than to miraculously finish them. Start early on your projects, and dutifully plan them out so that you can finish them on time by doing a little bit of work every day.

Prioritization Is Key

In your grad program, you likely have a significant amount of work for several different courses or seminars. It’s important to sit down and make a list of all of the requirements that must be fulfilled for your graduate degree. Some will be short-term projects, such as that in-class presentation next Tuesday, and others, like your master’s thesis or capstone, will be long-term projects. Prioritize your work for all of your assignments so that you’re spending the bulk of your time on the more important tasks.

Health Is Wealth

Or perhaps, health is energy. Take care of yourself so that you can do solid work. When you’re in grad school, it feels counterintuitive to do anything that doesn’t bring you a step closer to completing that degree. However, taking the time to cook healthy food, getting enough sleep, and exercising daily are going to make a huge difference in your ability to manage your workload.

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Negotiating Your First Post-Grad School Salary

As you approach the completion of your graduate degree, you will likely begin looking for a new job. It’s important not to tip your hand too early by discussing salary expectations before you know that you are the employer’s preferred candidate. If you are asked about your salary expectations before this point, simply say something to the effect that you expect compensation that is comparable to others with your graduate degree.

Similarly, it’s advisable to let the hiring manager be the first to pinpoint a number. This will give you the upper hand during negotiations. If the hiring manager insists that you give a number first, mentioned the average pay range for the position and put the ball back in the court of the hiring manager. Remember that compensation involves much more than base salary. Be prepared to discuss benefit packages, including health insurance, retirement accounts, stock options, signing bonuses, and vacation days.

As a college student at Seattle University College of Science and Engineering, you’ll be well-equipped to flawlessly manage your career change and land the position of your dreams. To discuss our graduate programs in Seattle, give us a call today at (888) 457-5227.

Tips for Networking in Graduate School

If you’re interested in a career change and are considering earning your graduate degree in computer science, choosing the right graduate program is only part of the equation to your success. Grad school is certainly about academics, but it’s also about networking. If you master networking, you’ll graduate with all the connections you need to quickly land your dream job.

Be More Productive at Seminars

Many grad students attend countless seminars, yet are surprised that their attendance leads to few valuable connections, if any. The trick to networking in graduate school is not necessarily to attend as many seminars as you possibly can; rather, it’s to attend them the right way. In other words, work smarter, not harder. Show up to a seminar early and spend the time speaking with other attendees. Stay for the question and answer session, and ask an insightful question or two. Once the speaker has finished, don’t rush toward the door right away. Linger to chat with other attendees and the speaker. However, avoid taking up too much of the speaker’s time; tell him or her how much you enjoyed the seminar, ask for a business card, and then let other attendees have their turn.

Order Business Cards

If you don’t yet have your own business cards, it’s time to order a stack. There’s no need for fancy business cards. Simply add your name and contact information, along with a line stating that you are a master’s program candidate.

Build Your Online Brand

When you make a new connection, chances are he or she will do their due diligence and search for your online profiles. Get ahead of the game by searching for yourself online first. If any embarrassing social profiles pop up online, you should change your privacy settings promptly. Then, craft a better profile on a professional networking website.

At the Seattle University College of Science and Engineering, students in our graduate program participate in our capstone project sequence. These include projects sponsored by local companies, which gives our students valuable opportunities to showcase their skills in front of area employers. Start building your new career in software engineering today by calling (888) 457-5227 and asking us about our academics.

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